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The People v. O.J. Simpson: Thoughts Through Two Episodes

Let me preface this piece by saying this isn’t another “Only 90s Kids Remember” post because the last thing the internet needs is one more of those cringeworthy BuzzFeed type articles.


I was two years old when Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered. My mother was seven years old when O.J. Simpson won the Heisman Trophy in 1968. There’s some events I remember as a kid and more that I just know about because it’s things you just know. Ronald Reagan bringing the wall down, Bill Clinton’s scandal, September 11th, Y2K, and Princess Diana’s death are events you either vividly remember or basically know everything there is to know.


O.J. SimpsonThe O.J. Simpson murder trial falls under the category of “I pretty much know what happened.” White Bronco Chase, The Glove Doesn’t Fit, Jackie Chiles in Seinfeld, and Kim Kardshian’s dad is all I thought I needed to know. Two episodes into FX’s American Crime Story The People v. O.J. Simpson, and I am learning more about this case, with perhaps the word phenomenon a better fit, than I ever knew.


I think FX is going a fine job of setting up multiple sides of the story without leaning a certain way. Cuba Gooding Jr. has been great so far, but we really haven’t such him do much besides cry and act frantic. Thanks to Seinfeld, I honestly thought Johnnie Cochran was the only lawyer and had no idea he was this popular and iconic figure. Again, this was just never part of my knowledge, just the very basics.


With new characters such as Robert Shapiro, Marcia Clark, and Robert Kardashian (didn’t know he was BFFs with O.J.), I am now interested O.J. Simpsonon how each take on this case. It also seems like this was basically one of the nonstop paparazzi/tabloid stories, which was highlighted when the broadcast team had to cut out the 1994 Knicks-Rockets Finals for the Broncos chase. I also did not know race and racial tensions played a huge factor internally and externally with the case. I am essentially watching this similar to a documentary, discovering new, little details as we go along.


I felt like the second episode was little less interesting than the first, even with the Bronco chase being the main plot line. I have a feeling the show will lose steam once it hits trial, but I will still watch and hopefully the writing staff and production team can keep the viewers interested even though everyone knows the ending.


Also, it is petty that they are shoving the Kardashians as kids storyline down our throats. We get it, they were kids, but they have no impact on the O.J. Simpson murder case. 4 little Kardashians chanting their last name at the TV as their father tells the world O.J. wrote a suicide note was tasteless and forced.

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