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A Look Into The Interesting 2017 Quarterback Market

There’s no secret that you need a quarterback to win in the National Football League. Take a look at the last few Super Bowls: Brady vs. Ryan, Newton vs. Manning, Brady vs. Wilson, and Wilson vs. Manning. There’s no need to dive into the importance of having a quarterback because it is so blatantly obvious.

Take teams like the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs. They are two talented teams but didn’t stand much of a chance when it came to going up against the Tom Bradys and Ben Roethlisberger of the world. You can also take Derek Carr and the Oakland Raiders as an example, as they were considered serious AFC contenders with Carr at the helm, but were quickly dismissed once Carr went down.

Here is a list of teams that will be looking at an improvement at the quarterback position:

Teams In Desperate Need

Cleveland Browns

San Francisco 49ers

Chicago Bears

New York Jets

It’s no surprise here that these four teams are at top of the draft. Unfortunately for them, there’s no Andrew Luck or Cam Newton type prospect in this year’s draft. If there was, the Browns would be able to solve their quarterback woes. The Browns are almost certain to address the position with either the 12th pick, mid-round pick, or through trade and free agency. If they really like DeShone Kizer or DeShaun Watson, they will probably be available at the 12 spot.

For the 49ers, they will have a decision to make on North Carolina Mitch Trubisky. Trubisky is a scout’s dream with his size, mobility, and throwing ability, but he doesn’t have much experience. It’s hard to see Trubisky falling past the Jets with their sixth pick, with either San Francisco or Chicago likely drafting him if they have chance.

If the 49ers select Trubisky with the second pick, the Bears and Jets will likely address another need with their picks. It is possible that National Champion DeShaun Watson lights up the combine and executives fall in love with him in the interview process, so we will see.

Teams That Should Address The Quarterback Position

Denver Broncos

Arizona Cardinals

Houston Texans

It’s safe to say Carson Palmer is on the back nine of his career and it would be smart if the Cardinals start planning for the next franchise quarterback. The Cardinals have really never had a young quarterback come in and lead the franchise, as their most successful teams were led by Kurt Warner and Palmer at the end of their careers. I can see them addressing the quarterback position early in this draft, possibly even Kizer or Watson with the 13th pick. We currently have Kizer to the Cardinals in our first mock of the offseason.

The Broncos have a Super Bowl roster but since they don’t have a top tier quarterback, they missed the playoffs and a chance to defend their title. Trevor Siemian was average at best but it still wasn’t good enough, even with an elite defense and weapons such as Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders.

This is where Tony Romo comes into the equation.

The Dallas Cowboys and Romo are almost certain to part ways this offseason, whether it be via a trade or they cut him.

If the Cowboys cut him before June 1st, they would have to pay him his $10.6 million bonus but would be free of his $14 million salary. If a team trades for him, they can work out a new deal with him but would have to full guarantee his salary if he makes the week one roster.

If you are the Denver Broncos, why wouldn’t you try to bring in Romo? Trevor Siemian did not sell you on anything special. Can he develop better for next season? Absolutely, but Super Bowl windows are only open for a short period of time (unless you are the Patriots). Elway drafted Paxton Lynch in the first round last season, so that is his long-term plan. Don’t be surprised if Elway is interested in bringing Romo in order to become Super Bowl contenders for the next year or two, while Lynch sits and develops. Jerry Jones will also want do right by Romo and send him to a place he can still shine. If a trade can be worked out instead of cutting him, Denver could be the spot Romo lands.

The Texans would also be a great place for Romo, but they are stuck with Brock Osweiler. If they cut Brock, it would cost them $25 million. Don’t know if they can maneuver bringing in Romo and his salary while having Brock. You can say they are stuck between a Brock and a hard place.

Tony Romo will obviously be the biggest name of the offseason, with less appealing names such as Jay Cutler behind him. The Redskins will have to make  a decision on Kirk Cousins, but it’s hard to see him leaving Washington. You simply rarely see a franchise-type quarterback hit the open market in his 20s. I can’t even name one off the top of my head. Tyrod Taylor’s time in Buffalo can also be up and has proven he is a capable starter.

There are teams that need quarterbacks in a market that doesn’t have many. With unsure prospects in the draft and the lack of available ones on the market, it will be interesting to see who lands who when the musical chairs of quarterbacks ends come training camp.

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