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Super Bowl LI Prop Bets

The Super Bowl is one of the very few days of the year the entire country comes together. It is an unofficial holiday filled with the two best football teams, booze, pigging out, and of course, betting. We scrolled through the internet to find almost every single prop bet you can bet on. From Donald Trump’s tweets to the postgame handshake, nearly every single minute can be wagered on.  Here’s your ultimate prop bet guide for Super Bowl LI

Official Lines

Patiots -3

Over/Under Total Points 57.5

First half spread

Patriots -1.5

Over/Under irst Quarter points 13.5

Over/Under points after three quarters 43.5

Broadcast (From kickoff to final whistle. Live broadcast only, halftime and commercials do not apply.)

How many times will “deflate” or “Deflategate” be said on TV during live broadcast?

Over 1 ½ +100

Under 1 ½ -140

How many times will “Gronk” or “Gronkowski” be said on TV during live broadcast?

Over/Under 3

How many times will “Matty Ice” be said on TV during live broadcast?

Over/Under 2

Will “Houston, we have a problem” be said on TV during live broadcast?

Yes +250

No -140

How many times will J.J. Watt be mentioned on TV during live broadcast?

Over 1 -140

Under 1 +100

How many times will Gisele Bundchen be shown on TV during the broadcast?

Over 1 ½ +110

Under 1 1/2  -150

Will the word “Lacrosse” be said on TV during live broadcast?

Yes -300

No +200

Will Joe Buck be clean shaven?

Yes +1000

What color will Joe Buck’s tie be?

Blue -500

Purple +1400

Red +1600

Field +900

Will there be a Microsoft Tablet malfunction?

Yes +600

Will a fan streak the field?

Yes +400


How long will Luke Bryan’s National Anthem go for?

Over 120.5 seconds -200

Under 120.5 seconds +155

What will Luke Bryan be wearing when he starts singing the U.S. national anthem?

Blue Jeans -200

The Field +150

What color will Lady Gaga’s hair be when she comes on stage for the halftime show?

Blonde -400

The Field +250

What will Lady Gaga wear?

Wings +500

Tail +700

“I Voted Hillary” t-shirt +1200

Nothing +10000

FOX blurs out a part of Lady Gaga’s outfit

Yes +150

Lady Gaga has a snake on stage

Yes -125

Will Lady Gaga suffer a “wardrobe malfunction?”

Yes +500

Which artists will Lady Gaga cover?

David Bowie +200

Prince +250

Over/Under for guest performers


Over/Under on total songs


Does Lady Gaga make an anti-Trump statement?

Yes -130

Which song will Lady Gaga play first during the halftime show?

“Born This Way” +225

“Bad Romance” +250

“Perfect Illusion” +350

“Born This Way” +400

“Edge of Glory” +600

“Poker Face” +1000

“Just Dance” +1000

The Field +110

Over/Under Commercials parodying Donald Trump


Over/Under Commercials featuring Peyton Manning


Odds a player in the game is featured in a commercial

Yes -1900

Which company will air the first commercial?

Bud Light +250

Lexus +300

Intel +300

Skittles +300

Wix +300

Turbotax +330

Avocados from Mexico +350

Mr. Clean +350

Hyundai +50000

Donald Trump

How many times will Donald Trump be said on TV during broadcast?

Over/Under 1 ½

Who will Trump pick to win the game?

Patriots -1000

Falcons +550

How many times will Trump tweet from kickoff to final whistle

Over 5 -150

Under 5 +120

In-Game Props

Heads Or Tails?

Heads -102

Tails -102

Will the opening kickoff result in a touchback?

Yes -200

No +160

A kicker misses an extra point

Yes +230

Defense scores a touchdown

Yes +400

Kick or punt return for a touchdown


Block kick or punt


Will either team make a field goal in the first quarter?

Yes -120

No +100

Will either team score three straight times?

Yes -190

No +170

Total yardage of all touchdowns

Over/Under 100.5

Who will throw the first touchdown pass?

Tom Brady -130

Matt Ryan +110

First Touchdown Scorer

Julio Jones +750

LeGarrette Blount +800

Devonta Freeman +850

Chris Hogan +1000

Martellus Bennett +1200

Dion Lewis +1200

Tevin Coleman +1400

Taylor Gabriel +1600

Malcolm Mitchell +2000

James White +2000

Danny Amendola +2200

Tom Brady +2200

Austin Hooper +2200

Matt Ryan +2800

Justin Hardy +3300

Levine Toilolo +3300

Joshua Perkins +6600

Erin Weems +6600

The Field +550

Total number of Penalties in the Game by both teams

Over/Under 12.5

Will a roughing-the-passer penalty be called in the game?

Yes +120

No -150

Total QB sacks (both teams combined)

Over/Under 4

Longest successful field goal in the game

Over/Under 47.5

Will there be a penalty for excessive celebration?

Yes +250

No – 400

Will there be a flea flicker attempted in the game?

Yes +500

No -900

Will a 2-point conversion be successful in the game?

Yes +175

No -250

New England Patriots

Total Passing Yards for Tom Brady

Over/Under 310.5

Total Rushing Yards for LeGarrette Blount

Over/Under 57.5

Will LeGarrette Blount score a touchdown in the first half?

Yes +160

No -180

Length of Chris Hogan’s first reception

Over/Under 11.5

Will Malcolm Butler intercept a pass?

Yes +250

No -300

Total first downs by Patriots

Over/under 23.5

Will the Patriots convert a fourthdown attempt?

Yes +135

No -155

Color of Belichick’s hoodie

Blue -275

Grey +300

Red +400

The Field +500

Atlanta Falcons

Will Matt Ryan throw a touchdown pass in the first quarter?

Yes +120

No -140

Distance of the first Matt Ryan touchdown pass?

Over/Under 13.5

What will happen first?

Falcons score -125

Falcons punt +140

Longest reception by Julio Jones

Over/Under 25.5

Total receptions by Mohamed Sanu

Over/Under 4

Will Matt Ryan win Regular Season MVP and Super Bowl MVP

Yes +300

No -500

Super Bowl LI MVP and Post-Game Events

Tom Brady +140

Matt Ryan +250

Julio Jones +900

LeGarrette Blount +1600

Julian Edelman +1600

Devonta Freeman +1600

Dion Lewis +1600

Chris Hogan +2500

Vic Beasley +4000

Tevin Coleman +4000

Martellus Bennett +5000

Mohamed Sanu +5000

Matt Bryant +6600

Malcolm Butler +6600

Taylor Gabriel +6600

Stephen Gostkowski +6600

Austin Hooper +6600

Logan Ryan +6600

James White +6600

Devin McCourty +7500

Malcolm Mitchell +10000

Rob Ninkovich +10000

Danny Amendola + 15000

Dont’a Hightower + 15000

Dwight Freeney +15000

Patrick Chung +15000

Deion Jones +15000

Chris Long +15000

Keanu Neal +15000

Levine Toilolo +15000

Eric Weems +15000

Field +250

Who will the Super Bowl MVP mention first?

God +200

Team/teammates +200

Coach +900

Family +900

Owner +900

Donald Trump +2000

The Field +250

If the Patriots win, will Brady, Belichick or Kraft be seen shaking Roger Goodell’s hand on TV?

Yes -180

No +140

What color will the liquid be that is poured on the winning coach?

Clear +300

Lime/Green +300

Orange +300

Red +600

Blue +750

Purple +1200


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