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Why Trading Kristaps Porzingis To The Celtics Is the Right Move

The New York Knicks should trade Kristaps Porzingis for the Celtics’ rights for the 2017 Brooklyn Nets #1 overall pick and 2018 Nets first round pick.

Sorry Knicks fans, I know you don’t want to hear it, and I don’t want to write this, but it is the right move. Let me explain.

The Knicks are a shitshow among shitshows. Here is what Porzingis has experienced in his two years in the Big Apple.

  • 164 games of misery. The Knicks have gone 63-101 the past two seasons. Despite adding players this season, they actually managed to have a worse record, going 31-51 this year after their 32-50 record in Porzingis’ rookie campaign. The Knicks came into this season with playoff expectations, but instead had another very disappointing season.
  • A franchise legend and fan favorite got dragged out of Madison Square Garden. We had the exclusive!

  • Their starting point guard decided to not show up to one game without any warning or communication.
  • The President of Basketball Operations sends cryptic tweets and hasn’t proved he can build a winning team.
  • That same President publicly bashed the team’s star player, hurting both his trade leverage and the relationship between players and the front office.
  • The same President paired the young, exciting five-tool shooting star with an aging and broken down 31 year old center with a $72-million dollar contract. It may go down as the worst move in franchise history if Noah doesn’t retire, and that’s saying a lot.
  • The 21-year old Latvian shooting star blew off his exit interview, headed back home to Latvia, and was “hacked” on Twitter, tweeting LA Clippers 🙂 🙂 :). Nothing to see here!

The Knicks are a long way from being any sort of contender. A very long way. As long as LeBron James is playing in the Eastern Conference, you can make the case that there’s no point of even trying to win in the next 3-5 years. You know whose window is right now but has absolutely no shot of making the Finals? The Toronto Raptors.

Don’t be the Toronto Raptors.

Just like every Knicks fan, I love Kristaps Porzingis. I think he has all the tools to be a top two player on a title contending team. However, as the old saying goes: if you love something, set them free. The Knicks must set Kristaps free from this fire dumpster of a team and start completely fresh. A completely new slate. They can do that by calling up the Boston Celtics and giving them the final piece to their roster.

If the Knicks can get the #1 pick in this year’s draft, Markelle Fultz, and pair him with someone like Malik Monk, Dennis Smith, Lauri Markkanen, Jonathan Isaac, or another promising prospect in this draft, that’s a solid foundation.

When you add on the Nets’ 2018 pick to the trade, this starts to make even more sense for the Knicks. If you take Kristaps Porzingis and Carmelo Anthony off the Knicks, they are easily a bottom 3-5 team in the league. The Nets are right there with them.

So this trade for one player, who is already pissed off at how the organization is handling its business, the Knicks would have themselves the #1 and #8 pick in the 2017 draft and probably two top five picks in the 2018 draft.

The Knicks starting lineup could look like this in two years, as well with almost an entire salary cap to play with:

Markelle Fultz

Malik Monk/Dennis Smith/Frank Nitilkina

2018 draft prospect

Lauri Markkanen/2018 draft prospect

Willy Hernangomez

A very possible Celtics’ starting five for next season:

Isaiah Thomas

Avery Bradley

Gordon Hayward

Kristaps Porzingis

Al Horford

Bench: Jaylen Brown, Jae Crowder, Marcus Smart, Kelly Olynyk

If the Celtics want a proven future All-Star on their team, who will turn 22 this August, then this is the move to make. They still get younger by adding Porzingis and fill a need on their roster. They simply have too many guards and not enough big men. Plus, do I really have to sell the value of adding Porzingis?

This trade would hurt Knicks fans in the short term, but it’s hard to deny that is undoubtedly the best for the franchise long-term. If you bring this trade scenario to any Knicks fan, their reaction would probably be “Trading Porzingis sucks, but you kind of have to do that.”

The Knicks have an asset that they can move to help give them four key assets in rebuilding this team the right way. Do they have to the cojones to pull the trigger?

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