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SBNY Staff NBA Finals Picks

Here are the Sports Blog New York Staff picks for the 2017 NBA Finals: Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

Are you shocked by the results of this poll? Maybe, maybe not, but do our writers agree? Well, here you go.

Phil DemeoWarriors in 6

I have came a long way with LeBron James. Growing up, Kobe Bryant was my favorite player. When LeBron came up, I fell obligated to root against LeBron since I was Team Kobe.

When he jumped ship to the Miami Heat, I fell vindicated. He became even easier to root against. My thoughts have almost done a complete 180 on him over these past three seasons.

Do I love LeBron? Absolutely not. But it’s now hard for me to talk negatively about him. I strongly believe if he beats this Warriors team again in the Finals, he surpassed Michael Jordan as the greatest basketball player ever.

However, I don’t think he comes out victorious again.

The Warriors simply spread the ball too well and have impeccable ball movement. When Isaiah Thomas went down, the Celtics moved the ball better and pulled out a win. The Cavs adjusted, but the kink in their armor was ousted.

Instead of Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, and Marcus Smart getting shots, it’s Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson.

I hope every single game is close because we’ve been anticipating these Finals since the last one ended, but I don’t see the King going back to back.

Pete Kennedy – Warriors in 6

Warriors are better on offense, better on defense, and 4 great players is more than 3. More people than I expected are picking the Cavs and a part of me understands the “LeBron will takeover and bring this team to victory with Kyrie and Love hitting big shots” but I remember Greg Popovich praising Golden State for being the best defensive team in the league. I’ll take his word.

Warriors are more then a bunch of shooters, they play the best team basketball in the league, they’re the most unselfish team in the league, people don’t realize they’re great on D, and they will not lose two Finals in a row.

Anthony – Cavaliers in 7

They have the best player in the series in Lebron, Kyrie loves torching Curry, Kevin Love is playing the best he’s ever played in a Cavs jersey, they know they can beat this team, and for the first time in the three matchups the Cavs have the better bench.

In the playoffs the addition of KD has finally started to marginalized Klay who has not looked like himself. Lebron will hold Durant in (relative) check and Kyrie will score right along with Steph. Warriors will get very little from role players so a bigger scoring load is going to fall on Draymond and I’m not sure he can consistently provide it.

Cavs win games 1, 4, 6, and 7. Kyrie wins Finals MVP.

Charlie QuinnWarriors in 6.

I believe the four superstars in Golden State will be too much to handle even for LeBron James. The warriors have a much deeper bench than the Cavs, and are coached better as well. They can go on improbable 15-0 runs at any given moment, getting them right back into the game.

The most exciting matchup in my opinion is Steph Curry going up against Kyrie Irving. These are two guys who love to dribble around and fire up 3 pointers. They are game changers. They can get hot at any given moment. Steph is a 2-time NBA MVP, while Kyrie was the key piece of the Cavs NBA Championship last spring.

Everyone is looking forward to the Kevin Durant vs. LeBron James matchup, but that isn’t going to be the deciding factor of this series. Draymond Green is arguably the best defensive player in the world. When he’s not picking up technical fouls, he is dominating the court. His ability to knock down shots outside the perimeter is also a key in the Warriors offense.

Richie Krims – Cavaliers in 6

LeBrons playing at an all-time high level even for his standards, Love is the most comfortable he’s been as a Cav in his three seasons, Kyrie will make big/timely shots, and their bench has a major advantage/is deeper

Arthur Dowell – Cavaliers in 7

People think LeBron will be over matched in his seventh consecutive Finals appearance, but he’s someone who consistently plays better when the odds are against him. Each of the last two matchups between these two teams have gone at least six games, and I can’t imagine that not being the case again. The Finals should help make up for what’s been a boring NBA playoffs to this point.

Robbie Callaghan – Warriors in 6

Not that Cleveland is overmatched here in anyway, but I just think Golden State is too much. With the lineup, chemistry, passing, and lethal shooting of the Warriors, I think they’ll win. But this series will still be as fun as the last 2 if not better. And to be honest, 6 games is very generous of me, it could go 7 and Game 7 anything happens. But I stick with my word. Warriors in 6.

Chris Campione – Cavaliers in 7

The Warriors have a tremendous team, but the Cavaliers have the best player in the world who always seems to elevate his game in the biggest moments. If Cleveland can rebound the ball on the offensive end that could be the difference in the series.

James Oliver – Cavaliers in 6

I think Cleveland makes it look rather easy too, picking up right where they left off last postseason. Both teams have made mincemeat of their playoff opponents so far but to me Cleveland has been the better team. The players behind Lebron are playing well enough at the moment and that should be all they need to walk away with back to back rings

Final Count: 6-4 Cavaliers via SBNY Staff

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