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Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather; What if?

Back in January, I wrote an article about this mega fight that would never happen. I said there was no way the two sides would be able to come to an agreement on multiple things. Yet here we are six months later with the media tour starting in Los Angeles at the Staples Center and just 46 days away from fight night.Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor Showtime

On August 26th Floyd Mayweather, an undefeated (49-0) professional boxer and five division world champion will take on Conor McGregor. McGregor, the only UFC fighter to ever hold a championship belt in two divisions at the same time will step inside a boxing ring for this bout. Mayweather and McGregor will finally face off and have themselves a boxing match. No UFC rules, no submissions, no grappling, no wrestling, no kicking. A boxing match.

Now I was 100% wrong six months ago. I never truly believed that this fight would happen, but let’s put aside the fact that I was wrong. Let’s dive into the outrageous possibilities and crazy scenarios that I’ve come up with in my head for this fight. From crazy to craziest!

1) Conor KO’s Mayweather

Now I will 100% be rooting for this to happen. Conor McGregor has displayed some masterful stuff inside the octagon. McGregor’s stand up striking is one of his best assets in the sense of counter striking. He’s able to pinpoint when you make a mistake and hit you with that deadly left hand.Conor McGregor boxing training

Eddie Alvarez, Jose Aldo, Dennis Siver and Chad Mendes all of these men have been TKO’d/KO’d by The Notorious McGregor. It’s not too crazy to think that Conor lands a clean shot on Mayweather. Even though Floyd Mayweather has NEVER been knocked down in his professional boxing career. But crazier things have happened, could Floyd Mayweather be the next one to fall?

2) Conor Gets Himself DQ’d

Let’s start cooking with gas, I just have this feeling deep inside that Conor may get super frustrated and do something stupid. I don’t think he would do it; I think Conor is a lot smarter than this, but my god would I love to see it happen.

Just imagine the later rounds come along and Conor’s been swinging and missing throughout the fight. Floyd, you can tell has the scorecards in his favor and then BOOM! Conor in his Irish brogue just says “F it”. Then BAM throws an inside leg kick right to Mayweather’s thigh. The crowd in Vegas would go bonkers, heads would roll, people wouldn’t know what to do.

A swift combo of a tornado kick to the body would have Floyd shook and then follow that up with that deadly left. Floyd would be seeing stars and laid out on the mat. Like I said though very unlikely to happen…but who wouldn’t want to see that?!

3) The Fight is Actually Entertaining

We’ve all been thinking this; this fight has a good chance of being a snooze fest. I think it’s safe to say that the masses think this fight will be Conor McGregor swinging away at air. Floyd Mayweather is just going to dance around the ring get his points, the fight will go the distance, end of story.

But, what if that doesn’t happen. The press conferences and trash talking we know for a fact are going to be must watch TV. Floyd and Conor are two of the best, if not the best at getting under their opponent’s skin and full of soundbites. The media tour, which begins today at 5:30EST will be the first time we see these two gladiators face to face.Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather

The fight itself though, imagine it’s a good one! Let’s say both Conor and Floyd come into this looking in tip top shape. I understand that Floyd is 40 years old and hasn’t been in the ring in over a year, nearly two. But I don’t think Floyd is going to come into this fight out of shape at all, that’s not who he is. I hope he comes in boasting that he’s in the shape of his life, and I really hope he somewhat is. It’s also “his” sport, and that is the reason Vegas has him as the heavy favorite.

Conor is all over social media (@TheNotoriousMMA) swaggering around doing what he does with his training video clips showing off that he is more than ready for this fight. And like I stated earlier he has hands that could put people to sleep. It is crazy to think that he could actually tag Mayweather. Guys have trained their entire lives to just boxing and come out of their fights with Mayweather not knowing what just happened. Professional boxers fight Floyd and can’t seem to tag him, now Conor has to try and prove that someone who’s a trained fighter, not a boxer can step into the boxing ring and try to catch the best defensive boxer to ever live. But, it’s not as crazy as…

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4) Conor Goes the Distance

This to me would be extremely shocking! I just can’t fathom seeing this happen. Just imagine Conor McGregor steps in between those ropes goes 12 rounds with Floyd Mayweather and wins by decision of the judges. I laughed as I wrote that sentence.

Imagine the underdog story of the generation taking place right before your eyes. McGregor a professionally fighter with a background in many different tools of fighting makes the jump and goes 12 rounds with one of the best ever in his own sport.

Yes, Conor McGregor is younger, stronger and has the reach advantage but he’s never had to face someone like Floyd. Arguably the best counter fighter in boxing history, whose never been knocked out let alone knocked down. He’s 40 yet Vegas bookies have him as a heavy favorite (-800). Now just try to wrap your brain around Conor taking a round here and there, maybe even knocking Floyd down once or twice. Then it goes to the judges’ score cards, and they raise Conor’s hand at the end of the night. I can’t see that happening, I just can’t. Conor does have a damn good chin and he’s gone the distance in UFC fights before, boxing matches are a tad bit longer but Conor I’m confident could easily go the distance.

Floyd for sure isn’t knocking Conor out cold, he is too old and his hands literally break almost every fight. So just try to think that Conor goes the 12 rounds, lands some shots and shocks the world and gets his arm raised. Boxing judges deciding, yeah that Irish fella whooped Mayweather and deserves his arm to be raised, that would be outrageous.

If McGregor goes the full 12 rounds and loses, that should still be seen as a major victory. He probably won’t see it that way, but going the full 12 in the ring with the possibly the best boxer ever in your first boxing match of your life is an accomplishment in itself. Could we see Conor put his career in the octagon on hold and legitimately pursue a boxing career? After he sees the check he is about the receive, it could be a possibility.

5) Mayweather Throws the Fight

 This, this right here would be the craziest thing to me. But ever since I came up with this thought and the more I think about it, the more sense it makes.

We can all agree that boxing has a history of being a shady sport. Fights being rigged is not something that is out of the question when it comes to the sport. Now don’t get me wrong, I think Floyd Mayweather’s ego of being 49-0 and being one of the greatest boxers ever and being able to shut down the hype of McGregor will trump everything I’m about to say but hear me out.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather is all about one thing, and it’s even his nickname. Money. He is a business man who likes to have money and make sure people know that he is all about the money. From carrying around a million dollars with him at all times to making half a million dollar bets on sporting events. Mayweather wanted this fight and he wanted to make sure he was getting paid the mega bucks to come out of retirement for it. The same can basically be said for the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight.Floyd Mayweather Money

This time around though it seems like it was more of a “need to do”. You’d think Floyd Mayweather would be able to retire and live life out luxuriously but turns out he needs this payday for some taxes he hasn’t paid off. The petition was filed on July 5. In the petition, Mayweather also asks that the IRS scrap a failure-to-pay penalty, but Mayweather may have difficulty persuading the U.S. Tax Court after years of falling behind on making payments coupled with the IRS. Mayweather, in his petition, claims to have the money to pay off the IRS debt, but says he needs until the August fight against McGregor to meet the liability.

So with all of that information, really think about it. Floyd and Conor are set to generate above the $600 million in revenue that that the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight brought in from ticket sales, merchandise and pay-per-view buys and other categories. Now imagine if Floyd Mayweather had some of his buddies take the money that he already has but bets it on Conor to win…

McGregor the huge underdog at +500, would make for a huge payout for anyone. Especially if you’re someone with millions upon millions of dollars such as Mayweather. Yes, Floyd’s perfect record would be tarnished, yes he would never hear the end of it. But the checks he could cash with all of the winnings from throwing the fight against Conor on top of the already huge paycheck he’s getting from just being in the fight. This is absolutely crazy, but is it really? Boxing has done some under the table stuff before and I don’t see it being out of the question.

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