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Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor Fight Preview

We are just a mere couple of hours away from August 26th and “The Money Fight” is happening! The fighters have signed their dotted lines, they have arrived in Las Vegas and there’s only one thing left to do, ring the bell.

For some like myself, this has been a grueling crawl to fight night. Every single piece of media that has come out from both camps have been like a drug that I can’t get enough of. Every tweet, Instagram post and commercial hyping up the fight has been everything id ever want and expect from these two tycoons.

But we’ve made it folks. The final promos have been complete, the final weigh ins are about to take place and we are actually going to see UFC superstar Conor McGregor take on one of Boxing’s greats Floyd Mayweather.

The Hype

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather

Now, like I’ve said in previous articles I understand going into this fight the odds of McGregor winning this are very slim and the favorite to win this fight will be and has always been Floyd Mayweather. Both sides have been showcasing their fighters perfectly in their respective camps. Conor McGregor has been talking smack for months now saying how he’s going to “bounce his skull off the canvas,” that he’s here to “collect skulls,” and has made the bold prediction that he will end this fight within four rounds.

His training videos are also very different; the things he’s been doing to prepare for this fight have been unorthodox to say the least. But he’s also done some things like bringing in Paul Malignaggi to spar with, whose no slouch whatsoever and well touch on that saga in a bit.

Floyd has been doing his thing, not many videos have been out of him training but that’s just Floyd. There are some out there if you look, but he’s known for running down the Vegas strip in the middle of the night. He too has been talking the talk and poking fun at McGregor. Making fun of his crazy training methods and his water treadmills and such. He’s also been quoted to saying how he wasn’t planning on training the week leading up to the fight…he’s that confident.

Back to that McGregor/Malignaggi beef. If you don’t know about the rivalry that stemmed from these sparring partners, here’s a quick update. Conor had Paul fly in to spar with him to train for Floyd, being that Malignaggi was a two-belt champion, it would be a good fit to face a world renowned boxer. Only thing was that Malignaggi didn’t expect to have to go 12 rounds with McGregor the day he arrived, he wasn’t in 12 round shape. The story goes that Conor slapped him around a bit, Paul got his shots in and wasn’t very happy with what he had been put through. Dana White ended up posting a clip of McGregor landing a VICIOUS left cross to Malignaggi and also knocked him down, which he claims he was tripped/shoved down.

Either way in this very short clip that was posted online by UFC President Dana White it was eye opening. It showed that Conor actually looked comfortable in the boxing ring and could maybe hold his own.

Something else that’s been altered for this fight is the fact that they will be fighting using 8oz gloves. Which is something different and people in both fighting industries I don’t think were expecting to be approved. These gloves are a bit smaller than the usual 10oz gloves that are required normally for this weight class. This can be seen as a slight advantage for McGregor, him being the harder puncher this could possibly help make his shots count more.

McGregor has proven to be Floyd’s equal during the buildup to the fight in terms of talking trash and flaunting his business acumen, but whether or not he can equal the former pound-for-pound champion Money Mayweather inside the ring largely remains in question.

Tale Of The Tape

Conor McGregor Boxing

Ultimately, all of this drama and hype is why this fight will sell so well. The intrigue of seeing how McGregor will react in such a bizarre matchup that was literally talked into existence is the very definition of reality television. Both fighters, of course, will be handsomely paid to almost absurd levels in order for millions of fans across boxing, mixed martial arts and beyond to find out what happens.

I truly want to believe in myself as much as McGregor believes he is going to win. I want to think that McGregor will do the unthinkable and put Floyd Mayweather through the ringer and knock him out. It’s so hard to predict though, Mayweather has gone a career that has lasted 20 years with making people look like amateurs in the ring. Here’s the tale of the tape from mcgregor-v-mayweather.com

boxing bettingWith that being sad I’m going to have to stick to my guns and say that I think Conor McGregor WILL shock the world and defeat Floyd Mayweather, will I be right I don’t know…But my money (literally) is on Conor SO we’ll see what happens on the night of August 26th.

What Does The Future Hold?

If Mayweather takes care of business and improves his career record to 50-0, then it is very fair to say it will be the last time we see Money May in the ring. This is his last paycheck and goes out by beating the most popular fighter in the world today. If he loses, well, can you say rematch?

For McGregor, he obviously still has a lot of fight left in him. If he does win, then what would be the incentive of going back to the UFC? He would be beating one of the best boxers ever in this first career match and would be cashing the biggest payday of his career. Say he loses and stands 12 rounds with Floyd, then he proved to the world and to himself that he can make a living in the ring. I think if Conor loses but makes it through all 12, then we will see him in the ring again before we see him in the octagon. Things will get sticky with his UFC contract and Dana White, but if he can get out of it, or maybe even bring on Dana as a promoter, then the size of that paycheck will be too hard to ignore.


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