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New York Jets Fan 2017 Leave Of Absence Application

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Since Rex Ryan was named head coach years ago, Jets fans have had reasons to feel positive about their team. From 2009 until last season, Jets fans legitimately thought they were a competitive team and had reason to watch on Sunday. Despite not making the playoffs since 2010, the Jets have fielded teams you can watch and root for.

Did these teams frustrate you at times? Of course, they are still the Jets. Did they always fail to meet expectations? You know it. But at least you can watch them without pain. With players like Darrelle Revis, Eric Decker, Brandon Marshall, Muhammad Wilkerson, Sheldon Richardson, David Harris, Damon Harrison, and hell, even Ryan Fitzpatrick and Tim Tebow, they had guys you didn’t mind rooting for and watching.

After an offseason of letting go almost every veteran they had and completely gutting the roster, 2017 is an all-time low for Jets fans. The offense could be historically bad and is honestly going to be painful to watch. The defense is developing and has players you are looking to shine, but are you really going to spend your time and money watching a defense develop while the offense goes three-and-out almost every possession?

Listen, the Jets are my favorite NFL team and I will always be a fan of theirs. I am not giving up on the team and are hoping they nail their draft pick and land the quarterback of the future and become exciting to watch again.

However, commanding four hours every Sunday for the next four months is simply not happening this year. If you have the Sunday Ticket or Red Zone, there’s simply too many other games and players to watch to waste time on the Jets. I truly hate rooting and watching my fantasy guys over the Jets this year, but how can you not? With the combination of fantasy, pick em pools, and the occasional Draft Kings lineup, the Jets easily find their way to the bottom of the totem pole.

There are too many other games to watch, players to check in on, and other storylines to care about. I know what the Jets are going to do this year, and it’s not going to be pretty. If we’re being totally honest, most Jets fans want this team to lost every game to ensure the best draft pick they can get.

NFL Sunday afternoons are too limited and have too much going on for Jets fans to spend their valuable time and money on them. That’s just the cold hard truth.

So this year, Jets fans can go root for another team. This is a temporary leave of absence. We will always have you #1 in our hearts, but this is for the best for both of us. We don’t have to get super frustrated watching the games and get mad at you. We can happily enjoy our Sundays in peace.

So if you would like to root for a fun and watchable team just for this season, I think it’s totally fine. You aren’t jumping ship or being a fake fan, you are just making common sense. The Jets are going to stink, they are building for the future, and are going to be painful to watch. There are only so many Sundays during the year, we don’t need to worry about Josh McCown donating to the other team.Sad Jets Fan

For your temporary leave of absence, I would prefer you take your talents to a NFC team, but totally understand the temptation to pick the Oakland Raiders or Tennessee Titans. I’ve personally always liked the Saints, but it looks like they won’t be in playoff contention either, but at least you can sit down and watch Drew Brees play for four hours and not be bent out of shape like you would be if you watch the Jets.

So fill out this application, all we be accepted. Have fun this season and don’t worry about the Jets. They will be there when we come back.


Years of Service As A Jets Fan:


All-Time Favorite Jet:


College Player You Want The Jets To Draft:


Team You Are Rooting For In 2017:


Reason For Rooting Team:


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