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SBNY Podcast NFL Week 2 Picks

NFL Week 1 Podcast Picks Recap

SBNY Podcasters

Yes, Please!

Locks of the Week


Pete Kennedy

Detroit +2.5 over Cardinals, Panthers -5.5 over 49ers, Steelers -9 over Browns

Panthers: Suicide Pool, Spread, Everything

2 out of 3 ain’t bad!

Mike Palmisano aka Uncle Mike

Packers -3.5 over Seahawks, Panthers -5.5 over 49ers, Steelers -9 over Browns

Uncle Mike’s Teaser of the Week:

Panthers +4.5, Falcons +6.5, Giants +17, Vikings +10

2 out of 3 ain’t bad!

Phil Demeo

Rams -3.5 over Colts, Packers -3.5 over Seahawks, Falcons -7 over Bears

“Should have bet my student loans on the Rams”

2 out of 3 ain’t bad!

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Tell us your best picks of the week @sportblogNYC or via a nice 5-Star Rating and Review and we will gladly mention it on air.

The SBNY Podcast people did a pretty solid job in week 1, hopefully helping you all win some money! Now, the week 2 picks are in and we want to keep this train rolling. In our Podcasts NFL Week 2 Picks, we each give you 3 games we like and 3 games you shouldn’t even consider betting. And of course, we got Uncle Mike’s Touchy Teaser of Week 2!

Each week, we will recap our picks in the article of the current week. But, if you want to know the picks to make for the current NFL week, you’re going to have to listen! Good luck and bet wisely.

Don’t forget our guy Anthony, and his weekly picks, despite his lack luster start, he’s ready to win you all (himself) some money.

The SBNY Podcast is hosted by @PeteKennedyy and the Weekly NFL Podcast Picks will be posted each Friday of the NFL season.

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