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NFL Week Two Roundup And Power Rankings

Week two of the 2017 season is in the books and we are one step closer to figuring out what all these teams are bringing to the table. The Chiefs are very good, the Jets are very bad, and the Giants are becoming hard to watch. Here’s our NFL week two roundup and power rankings, as well as what to expect moving forward.

AFC East

1-1 New England Patriots: Yeah They Are Still Good

We were all cut off guard by the Chiefs dominant win over the Pats in week one, but after 10 days of preparation, Tom Brady and the Patriots offense came out with three touchdowns in the first to rout the Saints in the Superdome. Do they have injury concerns as well as issues on defense? Yes, but they are still the Patriots. They are still very good.

1-1 Buffalo Bills: Not A Snowflake Opponent

The Panthers don’t look at all, but we’ll get to that later. The Bills defense had a great game but the offense didn’t show up. The Bills aren’t close to being the worst team in the conference, but will struggle to have a .500 record. Expect a good amount of close games this year, but you can never be surprised if they get blown out.

1-0 Miami Dolphins: Extra Week Probably Helped Them

Even though it was under terrible circumstances, Hurricane Irma definitely helped Jay Cutler. He had one more week of learning the offense and player tendencies, and it showed. The offense was fueled by Jay Ajayi’s 122 yards on the ground and Cutler was loving Jarvis Landry’s ability go get open, hitting him up for 13 receptions on 15 targets. They get to play the Jets in week 3, so the Cutler/Gase era has a good chance of going 2-0 before their trip to London.

0-2 New York Jets: Expect More Of This

Kalif Raymond fumble

The Jets were actually in this game, just trailing 21-13 in the third quarter. However, the inevitable happened and the Jets fell apart, especially on the defensive side of the ball, their expected strong point. The defensive line didn’t show up and it showed. Bright side? Sam Darnold threw for 397 yards and shined against Texas, while Josh Rosen slinged it for 463 yards against Memphis.

AFC South

1-1 Jacksonville Jaguars: Classic Week 1 Overreaction

1-1 Tennessee Titans: If You Want To Be Good, You Have To Beat The Jags

If i told you before the season started that the Titans would only be -1 favorites against the Jaguars, you would have jumped on it. After their defensive line shined in week one and the Titans failed to beat the Raiders at home, people quickly threw out their preseason expectations of these teams. If you believe the Titans were going to be good, they couldn’t start 0-2, as there’s a 9% of making the playoffs if you do so since 2007. The jury is still out on the Titans, as they face a tough but vulnerable opponent next week vs. the Seahawks.

1-1 Houston Texans: Still Nothing To Write Home About

After getting embarrassed in week one against the Jaguars, the Texans survived an ugly Thursday night game in Cincinnati for their first win of the season. Watson is improving, but hasn’t shown anything special so far. Their schedule does them no favors, as they now have to travel to New England in week three.

0-2 Indianapolis Colts: Jacoby Brissett Is An Improvement, But Pagano Has To Go

Brissett did as good as you can expect for this Colts team. They probably should have won, but they choked at the end of the game to a veteran (but heavily declining) quarterback and because Chuck Pagano isn’t a good coach. I expect him to be the first coach fired, either him or Marvin Lewis.

AFC North

2-0 Pittsburgh Steelers: Welcome Back, Martavis Bryant

The biggest X-factor to this offense is the troubled receiver Martavis Bryant. Antonio Brown has proved he’s the best receiver in the game without a compliment lining up on the side, but now if Bryant can stay on the field and be a legit weapon, the Steelers’ offense becomes even scarier. The Steelers move to 2-0 without being that impressive, which is what contending teams do. They should be a lock for 3-0, as they head to Chicago in week three.

2-0 Baltimore Ravens: Beating Bad Teams, Will Continue In Week 3

After beating two bottom AFC teams, the Ravens now travel to London to took on the Jaguars. The Ravens defense have been playing great, but let’s not hype them up too much yet, as they have played the Bengals and Browns. Since this game is in London, it does throw a little bit of a wrench in it, but there’s no reason to think that the Ravens shouldn’t start the season 3-0. It should be noted that this shaky offense has lost their Pro Bowl guard Marshal Yanda for the season, which could be severely noticeable against this Jags defensive line.

0-2 Cincinnati Bengals: Dead Man Walking

This Bengals offense failed to score a touchdown in two games, and that costs the offensive coordinator his job. Chuck Pagano is the heavy favorite to be the first coach fired as of right now at -150, but Lewis is right behind him at +1000. With a date in Lambeau this week, if the Bengals got blown out and even fail to score once again, Marvin Lewis’ seat will be as hot as it has ever been.

0-2 Cleveland Browns: Still A Growing Team

The Browns hanged and banged with the Steelers in week one, and you can even make a case that they probably should have won. After looking competent in week one, they looked like the young, raw team that they are in Baltimore. Kizer looked like the second round rookie quarterback he is and the offense couldn’t get anything going. Good news though! They are favorites this week (against the Colts)  for the first time since 2014!

AFC West

2-0 Kansas City Chiefs: Best Team In Football?

Travis Kelce vs. Eagles

The Chiefs are playing like they are the best team in football. Kareem Hunt is the best running back in the league through two weeks, Alex Smith has more yards than Matt Ryan, Philip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger, Derek Carr, Cam Newton, Kirk Cousins, and Matthew Stafford, to name a few. They have a complete defense and great head coach. It’s hard to argue that the Chiefs aren’t the best team in the league right now. Also, is the trio of Kareem Hunt-Tyreek Hill-Travis Kelce the best RB-WR-TE trip in the game right now? Tweet us back your opinion!

2-0 Oakland Raiders: First Primetime Test

Since Beating down the Jets doesn’t deserve more than a sentence, the Raiders now look forward to their first primetime test in a while, as they travel to Washington to take on a weird Washington team. Marshawn Lynch has been a key addition and Carr looks like he hasn’t missed a beat from last season. They should be fun to watch on Sunday Night.

2-0 Denver Broncos: Still An Elite Defense; Is Trevor Siemian Good?

I sold all my Broncos stock this season, and even though I am not regretting it yet, they are looking like they aren’t going away quite yet. They dominated Dallas and made it seem like they made the Cowboys quit. Siemian had four touchdowns on the day and C.J. Anderson ran for 188 yards. It may have been foolish of me to count a team managed by John Elway, butt there’s still a lot of football left.

0-2 San Diego Chargers: Sticking To The Script

This is the Chargers’ 11th one possession loss since last season, and their second straight this season. Every week you can just count on seeing Philip Rivers running up and down the field to get into field goal position, just to lose. At this point, the Chargers are in football purgatory.

NFC East

1-1 Dallas Cowboys: Can This Team Rally A Comeback?

When the Cowboys are having it their way by running it the ball, controlling the tempo, making safe throws for Dak, and leading, they are very hard to beat. I guess you can say that for every team, but it is especially true for the Cowboys. Can you see this team mounting a 10-14 fourth quarter comeback when they have to throw the ball down field? It remains to be seen, as that facet of the game was exposed in Denver in week two. We get to see them on Monday night in Arizona in week three.

1-1 Philadelphia Eagles: Tough Loss, Should Be In Playoff Contention

If the Eagles took down the Chiefs at Arrowhead, you could have made the case that they are a top 5 team in the league as of right now. Even though they couldn’t pull off the big victory, they still fought and looked impressive, especially Carson Wentz. They are a legit contender for the division and should be amped up to play the Giants this week. The defensive front of Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, and Derek Barnett might seriously hurt Eli Manning this week. They have a great opportunity to send a message to the NFC and to also bury the Giants.

1-1 Washington Redskins: Kirk’s Yearly Slow Start Continues

The Redskins should have a potent offense, but it’s been a slow start so far. With four fumbles so far and only averaging 6 yards per completion, Kirk has to step him game up, even with the offensive line taking a step back. They still look better than the Giants and had a nice win on the road this week, but this isn’t the start Redskins fans envisioned.

0-2 New York Giants: Just Brutal To Watch

Eli Manning vs. Lions

Speaking about bad starts, the Giants offense looks downright awful. The draw plays on 3rd and long, the consistent throws to the flats, the lack of big plays, and of course, the awful offensive line play. Ereck Flowers continues to be their most glaring problem at left tackle, but is only a piece of an offensive line that is failing miserably to protect Eli, causing plays to not be developed. Since 2007, only 9% of 0-2  teams have made the playoffs. One of those nine teams? The 2007 New York Giants. This is essentially a must-win for the Giants, as only five teams have made the playoffs in the Super Bowl era after a 3-0 start. It doesn’t get prettier for the Giants, as the Eagles are 6-2 against them in the last four years, including winning five of the last six and the last three in Philadelphia. Gut checking time for this team.

NFC South

2-0 Atlanta Falcons: Still The Best Team In The NFC

Picking the Falcons do endure a Super Bowl hangover was a popular trend this season and after two weeks, that couldn’t look more wrong. Matt Ryan and Devonta Freeman don’t look like they entirely miss Kyle Shanahan and the defense continues to defeat Aaron Rodgers. Atlanta has beaten Green Bay in the last three matchups, putting up 34, 44, and 33 points (all in Atlanta). If this team can obtain home-field advantage, they could make it back to the Super Bowl.

2-0 Carolina Panthers: Sloppy 2-0

Cam isn’t completing 60% of his passes, their leading receiver has only 102 yards, and Christian McCaffrey hasn’t made any impact yet. It’s still very early and wins are wins, but Panthers fans cannot like the way their team has played so far. WIth a desperate 0-2 Saints team coming to town this week, this could be a classic trap game for the Panthers.

1-0 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Couldn’t Ask For A Better Start

The Buccaneers came out after a week’s rest and whooped the Bears in front of their home crowd. Their defense completely shut down the Bears’ running game (20 yards on the day) and forced four turnovers, while Jameis and the offense looked very good, especially when they really haven’t played since August 26th.

0-2 New Orleans Saints: The End Is Near

Drew Brees may still lead the league in passing yards, but they seem to be pretty meaningless yards. It is clear the franchise needs to hit the reset button soon, as the team came out dead in their home opener, allowing three Tom Brady touchdowns in the first quarter. Do they draft a quarterback in the first round this year? We will have to wait and see.

NFC North

2-0 Detroit Lions: Watch Out For The Lions

The Lions looked like a complete football team on Monday Night at MetLife. They didn’t allow for many big play on defense, ran the ball well, succeeded on third down, and pressured the quarterback (even though it was against the Giants, it still counts). Matthew Stafford looks loose and confident out there.

1-1 Green Bay Packers: Can’t Get It Done On The Road

Aaron Rodgers vs. Falcons

The Packers are hovering around .500 on the road for the past 4-5 years, as they lost their swagger once they leave Lambeau Field. That record becomes even worse when you figured half those wins are against the Lions and Bears. In fact, Aaron Rodgers’ record on the road against winning teams is 6-20, with only Matthew Stafford being worse.  They will probably look like a Super Bowl team against the Bengals at home this week, but that shouldn’t overshadow the fact that they got manhandled in Atlanta in week two. With the Lions playing well

1-1 Minnesota Vikings: Restricted By The Quarterback

Sam Bradford looked like he turned a page last Monday Night, but it unfortunately surprised no one when he missed this week due to injury. It looks like Bradford has a bone bruise, with not a clear timetable to return. If this team has to trot Case Keenum out there, they will be at a disadvantage because in today’s NFL, it  doesn’t matter how talented your roster is if you have an inferior quarterback starting games for you.

0-2 Chicago Bears: Counting Down To Trubisky Time

Every time Mike Glennon has a bad game, I can hear Big Cat saying it’s Tribusky time. You have to wonder how many losses it will take to see him finally get the job. John Fox might be just saving him due to poor receiver play and just a bad team overall, but he needs to get on the field sooner or later.

NFC West

1-1 Los Angeles Rams: Did Not Seize Great Opportunity

Sean McVay’s team failed to seize a golden opportunity to start the season 2-0, choking up their lead to the Redskins late. Goff looked decent again but blew it at the end, while Todd Gurley looks like the Todd Gurley we love and know. If the Rams want to be respected this season, they need to beat the 49ers on Thursday night.

1-1 Seattle Seahawks: Pray For Russell Wilson

The 49ers have an up and coming front seven, but they aren’t the ‘86 Bears quite yet. Chris Carson had a good game, but Wilson had minimum time to throw and the offense couldn’t get going. This defense is elite and didn’t allow a touchdown against the 49ers, but no team can win with just defense in this era, just ask this current Giants team.  They now travel to Nashville to take on the Titans in a very interesting matchup for teams with playoff aspirations.

1-1 Arizona Cardinals: Ugly Loss; Look Like A NFC Bottom Feeder

If you watched this game – probably for knockout pool reasons like myself – you noticed the Cardinals are very frustrating to watch. Every time Carson Palmer cocks back, you don’t think a positive result will happen next. This team went from Super Bowl contenders to a team that you have no idea what to expect and almost just lost to Jacoby Brissett and the Colts. They now get to host the Cowboys on Monday Night.

0-2 San Francisco 49ers: Carlos Hyde And Friends

This offense lacks any inspiration and creativity, besides giving the rock to Carlos Hyde. This team should hang around in games, but their inability to score quick and consistent will lead them to very few wins.

Week 2 Conference Power Rankings

1. Kansas City Chiefs1. Atlanta Falcons
2. New England Patriots2. Green Bay Packers
3. Oakland Raiders3. Detroit Lions
4. Pittsburgh Steelers4. Philadelphia Eagles
5. Denver Broncos5. Dallas Cowboys
6. Baltimore Ravens6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
7. Tennessee Titans7. Seattle Seahawks
8. Miami Dolphins8. Carolina Panthers
9. Buffalo Bills9. Minnesota Vikings
10. Los Angeles Chargers10. Washington Redskins
11. Jacksonville Jaguars11. New York Giants
12. Houston Texans12. Los Angeles Rams
13. Cleveland Browns13. New Orleans Saints
14. New York Jets14. Arizona Cardinals
15. Indianapolis Colts15. Chicago Bears
16. Cincinnati Bengals16. San Francisco 49ers


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