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Week 3 NFL Picks: Walking The Lines

Its time for Week 3 NFL Picks. After a dreadful showing in Week 1 I came roaring back in a big way for Week 2. 5-0, is that good? Does that win you money? I’m not sure lets ask someone smart. Hey Walter, is going 5-0 on money picks in a good week?

Glad we got that cleared up. Here’s how it happened.

Week 2 Recap

Texans (+5) @ Bengals (WINNER)
Bill O’Brien got his head out of his ass and started Deshaun Watson, Andy Dalton continued to be horrible against the Texans (and in general), and Houston’s defense bounced back from a lackluster week 1. Cha-ching. Also JJ Watt ended a poor centers life on the final play. Dalton can’t even throw a pass to his center without getting the poor guy lit up. 

Browns @ Ravens (-7.5) (WINNER)
I said Kizer had never seen a defense like the Ravens and I was right. Three interceptions later Kevin Hogan was finishing the game and the Ravens were winning by two TD’s. Joe Flacco stays ELITE. 

Bears @ Bucs (-7) (WINNER)
Didn’t I telllll you the Bucs D was gonna be all over former teammate Mike Glennon? Let’s see how that ended up working out for Mike?

Jets @ Raiders (-14) (WINNER)
The Jets are just really, really bad and I think betting against them is probably going to be the best way to make money for the entire 2017 season. You may notice it becoming a theme of my picks.

Lions @ Giants UNDER 43.5 (WINNER)
I’m not real good at math but I do know 24+10=34 and I’m pretty sure 34 is less than 43.5. Odell was back but even he can’t make up for how atrocious the Giants offensive line. Until they get that situation figured out the G-men are just simply not going to be able to sustain drives and consistently score points.

Season Record: 6-4

Our SBNY Podcast Boys made their picks for week 3 too. Listen along below or on iTunes & Apple Podcast.

Week 3 Money Picks

Rams (-2.5) @ 49ers

Thursday Night Football is nearly an unwatchable product and this week they are giving us the grand stinker of them all. This game will not be well played, it will not be fun to watch, and there will mostly likely be very few big plays. But with Aaron Donald now being back in the swing of things the Rams defense should have no problem bottling up the Brian Hoyer led Niners who have scored a whopping 12 points through two games.

(Editor Pete gave Anthony a chance to re-pick this game because we’re posting Friday, but Anthony is an honorable man! A .5 loss won’t stop him from a big Sunday, lets get back to it.)

Ravens (-4) @ Jags

I’m all in on the Ravens this season. Their defense is allowing Joe Flacco to be the ultimate “game manager” and it is working like a charm. The Jags burned me in week 1 when they smoked the Texans but I don’t see them surprising Baltimore the way they did Houston. The Ravens D will focus their efforts on stopping the run and make Bortles beat them through the air. We all know what happens when he tries to do that.

Falcons @ Lions (+3)

Going into week 1 I said the Lions were going to come back to Earth this year after a very lucky 2016. But I’m ready to admit I was wrong about that and that they might just be pretty solid. Matt Stafford is looking like a QB worth his massive contract, they have multiple playmakers outside and in the backfield, and their defense while devoid of huge names is pretty damn resilient. This should be a high scoring affair and the Falcons losing Vic Beasley from their front seven is going to have a major impact on their pass rush. Atlanta will probably win but I think it’s close.

Dolphins (-6) @ Jets

I told you I was probably going to ride this anti-Jets train and I see no reason to stop this week. The Jay Cutler led Fins looked pretty damn good last week on the road against the Chargers. Ajayi racked up 120+ on the ground, Landry caught about 45 passes, and Davante Parker made a couple very athletic grabs on deep balls. I am all the way here for Miami Jay. Also, I just found my new fantasy football logo.

Seahawks (+3) Titans

Look, I know Seattle has been wildly disappointing so far this season. But honestly, so has Tennessee. I was ready for Marcus Mariota to make his presence felt this year and he’s really just been meh. Now this week he’ll be missing rookie wideout Corey Davis and Demarco Murray is severely hampered by a bad hammy. The Seahawks offense certainly isn’t lighting up the scoreboard so this has all the makings of another low scoring affair. Give me the better defense and the points.

That’s it for week 3 NFL Picks, all aboard the money train!

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