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Carmelo Anthony Trade: Knicks, Melo, & Thunder Breakdown (Podcast)

The Carmelo Anthony Trade: A Moment We Have All Been Waiting For

Whether you loved Melo or hated Melo, most Knicks fans can agree; it was time for him to move on and for the New York Knicks to turn the page. On today’s episode of the podcast, host Peter Kennedy is joined by Frank Villani to break down this Carmelo Anthony trade.

Oklahoma City Thunder receive: F Carmelo Anthony

New York Knicks receive: C Enes Kanter, F Doug McDermott, & Bulls 2nd Round Pick

The other teams involved in “trade rumors” were the Houston Rockets, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Portland Trail Blazers. Do you think the trade the Knicks received was better than the possibilities with the aforementioned teams? On today’s episode we discuss if this trade was the right one and how it will affect the Knicks as early as training camp.

We discuss what this move means for the Knicks roster, including Enes Kanter & Doug McDermott. Also, what does this mean for Melo and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Where does this trade leave the Knicks and Thunder in their respective conferences.

The Knicks now have a number of big men including Enes Kanter, Willy Hernangomez, Kyle O’Quinn, Joakim Noah, and Kristaps Porzingis; we breakdown how this group should fit on the court. After signing both Jarret Jack and Ramon Sessions, there will be a battle for point guard minutes as well, how does the Knicks back court shape-up?

Does Carmelo Anthony help make the OKC Thunder compete with the Golden State Warriors? How does this trade help Andre Roberson and Steven Adams?

Lastly, if you’re interested in reading Carmelo Anthony’s open letter to New York – you can do that here.

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