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New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins Recap

New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins – Jets Win 20-6

Just like we all thought. After three weeks of play Josh McCown and the Jets have a better record than Eli and the Giants. All kidding aside the Jets are 1-2 while the Giants are 0-3, a difference of one game. The Jets vs. Miami in week 3 won 20-6 in an unexpected dismantling of the Dolphins. There was a lot to like about how this team responded to two bad losses in the first two weeks.

The Jets came out energized on defense completely nullifying Jay Ajayi and the Dolphins’ run game, limiting him to just 16 yards on 11 carries. Cutler looked rattled, as he faced constant pressure all game long. Demario Davis and rookie first round pick Jamal Adams were all over the field. Davis lead the team with 12 tackles and added one pass defensed. Adams did a little bit of everything–two tackles, one sack, one QB hit, and one pass defensed. This is the type of defense the Jets were expected to field this year. If they can play with this type of energy, discipline, and aggressiveness the Jets will find themselves in a lot of tight ball games this fall.

Josh McCown Is Playing Well!?

Don’t look now but Josh McCown is completing nearly 70% of his passes through the first three games. McCown is doing an admirable job given the circumstances. Most of his receiving corps was pieced together after the final preseason game, yet he has found a way to get on the same page as them and run the offense rather smoothly. He’s shown he can still sling it, hooking up with Robbie Anderson on a beautifully thrown deep ball for a 69 yard touchdown (nice) in the second quarter on Sunday. This should be the blueprint for the Jets every week: play great defense, control the clock with high percentage throws and a solid run game, and eliminate turnovers. If McCown keeps this pace up, don’t expect to see backups Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg anytime soon.

What About The Draft Pick?

However, there is one potential issue to the Jets finding their stride against the Dolphins. To tank or not to tank? As you may have heard the Jets have a slight issue with their quarterback of the future not currently on their roster. Many are clamoring for them to tank the season and secure the top pick to put themselves in position to land USC’s Sam Darnold or UCLA’s Josh Rosen. That’s a bad look for the organization, though. The Jets tore this roster down to the bones in the offseason. If they can find a way to win four or five games with this roster it means they are already on the right track to rebuilding a competitive team.

If the front office feels they are just a quarterback away from taking the next step and they feel strongly about one of those two guys, then they’ll find a way to draft one of them. Perhaps they pull off a similar trade the Eagles or Rams made in the 2016 draft to land their franchise quarterbacks. But tanking the season will only lead to people losing their jobs, namely head coach Todd Bowles and possibly even general manager Mike Maccagnan. That only leads to discontinuity in the organization. Which can stunt the development of players and the rebuilding of this roster.

Week 4 – Jets vs. Jaguars

Up next for the Jets are the Jaguars at home followed by the Browns on the road. The Jaguars have a solid defense, but both teams have shaky quarterback situations. If the Jets can play defense the way they did against the Dolphins there’s no reason to think they don’t come away with at least one of these games. And perhaps even take Todd Bowles off the hot seat.

Many thought the Jets wouldn’t win more than one or two games.

They might end up with three wins before week six.

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