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An Odell Beckham Jr. Trade Should Be Considered

The Giants Have Serious Questions and Concerns

Here’s one thing the Giants should think about long and hard: An Odell Beckham Jr. Trade. Yes, it’s sacrilegious to trade a dynamic talent, but they have to wonder if his antics are worth it when they are losing games.

If that’s the case, then they have to wonder what to do with this team. It could be they have to clean house altogether from firing Giants general manager Jerry Reese and Giants head coach Ben McAdoo.

Of all the NFL teams who have underachieved during the first month of regular-season play, the Giants reign supreme. This is a team projected as a Super Bowl contender by many.

Now, the Giants still have time to meet expectations. But, at this point, a simple playoff berth is doubtful.

The Giants have not been great with Beckham. Yes, he makes great catches. Yes, he makes the Giants a threat with their offense. Yes, he changes the complexion of the game. But he will also do things that will drive a head coach nuts whether it’s fighting with a cornerback or yelling at a referee or banging his head in the door or talking to the net or committing a stupid penalty with a stupid celebration.

Its a Love-Hate Thing

This is what we call an enigmatic player. A player that will tantalize you with talent yet make you want to scream.

Giants fans love him. His teammates and his coaches think he can do no wrong. McAdoo and Reese tolerate him only because they can’t control him knowing if they do, he will pout like a seven-year-old kid and stop playing.

It’s one thing to tolerate Beckham’s nonsense if the Giants were winning, but it’s another if they are losing. With the Giants being 0-3, Beckham is under the spotlight. He started the season hurt, and he was terrible against the Lions. He managed to have two touchdowns against the Eagles in the Giants’ 27-24 loss to the Eagles, but he also committed an unsportsmanlike penalty by imitating a dog urinating for his first touchdown celebration that cut the Giants’ deficit to 14-7 over the Eagles in the fourth quarter. (As shown below)

Beckham’s behavior drew outrage from Giants owner John Mara to the point he had to be reprimanded in a meeting. Of course, the Giants diva did not apologize for his behavior. So much for him being accountable.

$100 Million for Beckham or No Headache and Assets

The Giants have to make a decision on him. Either they are going to have to pay him a $100 million deal or they have to trade him. This is not simple as it looks. It requires soul-searching within the Giants brain wizards. That decision ultimately belongs to Mara.

The Giants wisely have not given the deal to Beckham yet, but the time will come soon. The sooner they make this decision, the better off everyone will be.

If there is anything encouraging about the Giants being 0-3, it gives Mara the realization that he has to think twice before paying Beckham. He wouldn’t have religion on scolding his wide receiver or thinking about paying him if the Giants won the Super Bowl last year or if the Giants were 3-0 to start the season.

It’s not a bad idea to trade Beckham. The Giants haven’t won anything with him, and if they have to rely on him to win games, then they are not a great team. This isn’t basketball where one player makes a difference. It requires a cohesive group of players that know how to execute.

Can An Odell Beckham Jr. Trade Re-Shape This Roster

With the Giants having offensive line issues, it would make sense to trade their meal ticket for draft picks and build an offensive line. If the Giants choose to fire Reese after a disappointing season, trading Beckham makes even more sense since the new general manager can have a good start of building a team with many draft picks.

No one knows what the Giants are going to do with Beckham. It’s early to make a decision. It would be foolish to do so now. Let the season play itself out, and then go from there.

If the Giants miss the playoffs and go 5-11 for the season, trading Beckham has to be an option. Trading him should also be an option if the Giants lose a playoff game. Only a Super Bowl appearance should keep him on the team.

To me, Beckham lost his untouchable status when he foolishly decided to go to South Beach after the Giants’ final regular season game against the Redskins. He took several of his teammates with him, and the Giants not surprisingly lost to the Packers in the wild-card game. He also came up lame in his lone Giants playoff appearance by dropping three passes, including a 28-yard touchdown catch and only making four catches for 28 yards.

Wide Receiver Talent Does Not Win Championships

A wide receiver is not going to make or break a team’s Super Bowl status. Any wide receiver is replaceable. A quarterback is a different story.

For all the talent Beckham possesses, no team with a wide receiver of the caliber of his has ever won a Super Bowl. Mention Jerry Rice, but it helps that he played with two of the best quarterbacks in his time in Joe Montana and Steve Young.

For the way he tantalizes us with his talent, the Giants can’t be spending gamedays worrying if he is going to cost them a victory or overshadow their win with his stupidity.

Beckham is a distraction that is waiting to happen. The Giants can only tolerate it so long. That’s why it’s a risk to give him a $100 million deal. He is not mature enough to handle playing in New York or dealing with the burden of being the guy.

Something has to give soon. If the Giants have a losing season, everything should be on the table.

There should be no untouchables, and that includes Beckham.

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