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Yankees vs Twins Wild Card Preview (Podcast)

Yankees vs Twins Wild Card Game – The Moment You Have All Been Waiting For (Kinda)

Sure, playoffs weren’t a “realistic” expectation for many Yankees fans prior to this season. But once they proved they can compete, the Yankees and fans alike were praying to pass Boston Red Sox for the AL East Division lead. That didn’t happen. So now we have the all-exciting 1-game playoff to make the big dance, the Yankees vs Twins Wild Card Game.

The Wild Card game is all-exciting for those without rooting interests. For fans of the teams, it becomes more anxious and nervous. As confident as you may be, deep down you know in one game, anything can happen.

The Yankees are known to have a powerful lineup that can flip a scoreboard in an instance. But, it may be their pitching that carries them through the playoffs. Luis Severino is on the mound; it feels like we have been talking about who should get this start for months. Severino needs to show up and make sure this team makes the ALDS. But, perhaps more interesting is the lineup.

Wild Card Preview Podcast

Host Peter Kennedy, joined by Mike Palmisano and Phil DeMeo are pumped for the Yankees Wild Card Game vs the Twins. We break down what lineups we want to see and what to expect from Luis Severino. What can you expect from these young Yanks. Is this year already a success? Mini MLB Playoffs Preview.

What young Yankee can break out, earn their pinstripes, and have their first legit Yankees Moment? Will it be Greg Bird, Severino, Sanchez? The playoffs are a different animal for these young studs. But if you can cement yourself in October, you can go down in Yankees history.

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