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New York Football Has Turned Upside Down

With one month of football completed, much has been made about the great start of the Bills and Rams, which both teams are off to a 3-1 start. What should be an eye-opener is the New York Jets are surprisingly 2-2 and the New York Giants are shockingly winless at 0-4. No one thought this would happen, and if a Giants fan or Jets fan thought it would happen, he or she is lying. For now, New York football has turned upside down.

Role Reversal

The Jets were thought to be the worst team in the league after gutting their roster’s veterans and conducting a quarterback battle between Josh McCown, Christian Hackenberg, and Bryce Petty. Due to this, they were viewed as one of the favorites to draft USC phenom quarterback Sam Darnold or UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen because of their presumably poor record. It ironically turns out the Giants could be a serious contender to draft either of them, while the Jets could potentially settle for a middle-of-the draft player in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Josh McCown 2017

It’s still very early, and there’s A LOT of  football left. Obviously the season can swing either way for both of these teams. I totally understand that, but let’s play  this out.

This should be a disappointing turn of events for both teams. The Giants had aspirations of being a Super Bowl champion, but it looks like that is not happening. They are likely not making the playoffs, with a tough schedule  that features facing the AFC West and NFC West teams.

As for the Jets, they are mediocre enough that they may be out of a running for a quarterback, which they tanked this season by letting all the veterans go to increase their chances of losing. The Jets coaches and players couldn’t care less if Jets fans are upset, they were never playing to lose, but Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan has to be uncomfortable knowing he may not get that opportunity to potentially draft the Jets’ first true franchise quarterback is what seems like an eternity.

Giant Letdowns

The Giants are lost right now in where they are. They are not in a good place, and they have no idea how to get out of it. This is a team that isn’t living up to their potential on the defensive end, while the offense has struggled to score points and put good drives together.. The Giants are not well-coached at all, and it’s obvious by how undisciplined and unprepared they are at games. Their players haven’t distinguished themselves by not speaking to the media after losses.

Giants fans are stunned and confused. They were thinking “Drive For Five”  when the season started, as in going for fifth Super Bowl championship in the team’s history. They thought their team had the pieces to win it all, and their players couldn’t stop talking about winning championships this entire offseason and training camp. Even John Mara was alluding to Super Bowls this offseason.

Now, it’s open season on the team. Giants fans have been savaging Giants second-year overmatched coach Ben McAdoo, and some have been calling for the firing of general manager Jerry Reese.

Eli Apple Touchdown

The only thing interesting about the Giants is how low they can go. Are players going to quit on themselves? Will they quit on McAdoo? If it gets to the point that the Giants win only four or five games this year, Giants fans are going to beg Giants CEO John Mara to consider firing Reese and Giants head coach and start anew.

Are The Jets Playing Themselves?

For the Jets, there’s nothing remotely interesting about this team. It’s great the young players are learning to win, but this team is not good enough to win 10 games. What does winning six or seven games do to the Jets?  Let’s not be fooled thinking the Jets are better than anyone thought. Their two wins come against teams that aren’t impressive, in the Dolphins and Jaguars, and one has to figure they will Sunday against the perennially hapless Browns.

If the Jets want to make this season interesting, they should try to win at least 10 or 11 games, contend for a playoff spot and show the Jets fans that there is hope. They are obviously trying to win every game, but this puts Jets fans’ heads in a pretzel. Otherwise, these two wins have been a waste of our time. While being 2-2 is nice, it really is not the be all end all.

Congratulations, you played yourself

The Jets have no choice now but to go for it. That means going 4-1 in October, so they can be relevant in November. If there is going to be progress from last year, it has to show not only on player development, but on the wins.

Where Will Both Teams End Up?

It will be an interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out for these teams, both on and off the field. It will bear watching. For the Giants, it could mean an implosion in the locker room that could cost jobs after the year. For the Jets, either they are going to show they are in the right direction or prove his 2-2 start was a mirage.

It is certainly not what New York football fans had in mind with their respective teams.

The surprise start of both teams does not have to make this season irrelevant. It’s going to be fun to see how bad the Giants can be and what the Jets can really do. If nothing else, September has piqued the curiosity of the New York football fan.

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