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Indians Topple Yankees 4-0 In Game 1 Of The ALDS

Trevor Bauer ALDS

Coming off a night that energized New York City and their fan base, the New York Yankees laid a dud in Cleveland. The Yankees bats were silenced by Trevor Bauer, whose curveball looked like Dwight Gooden’s, as the Cleveland Indians toppled the Yankees 4-0 in Game 1 of the 2017 ALDS.

Bauer and Bruce Shine

When Terry Francona announced that he was going with the well-rested Bauer over his Cy Young ace Corey Kluber, Yankees fans felt pretty good. Unfortunately, they did not understand that Bauer is a great pitcher himself and he wasn’t going to get rocked in the first game of the playoffs in front of a rocking Cleveland crowd (get it? Sorry).

I had a gloomy feeling about the game when Jason Kipnis made a Willie Mays play in the 3rd inning. Bauer was hitting his spots and getting the close calls, while Sonny Gray couldn’t consistently find the zone and always pitching in stressful situation. From the get-go, it felt like the energy was drained out of the Yankees and a 3-0 Indians lead felt like 13-0.

The MVP for the Indians, besides Bauer, was ex-Met Jay Bruce, who the Indians got for a bag of balls. I don’t know why the MLB pretends they have a trading deadline, since trades can be made in August. I understand the difference between did deadlines (well at least I do), but it still makes little sense.

That escalated quickly. They are referring to the Yankees almost making a trade with the Mets that would have sent Bruce to the Bronx, but the Yankees were only willing to pay 80% of the $5 million Bruce was owed for the rest of the season. The Indians were willing to pay it all, hence why Bruce is smashing homers in Cleveland.

I digress.

Bruce just owned Sonny Gray and took the wind right out of the Yankees’ sails, In his first two at-bats, he hit a double off the left field wall that almost went over, scored a run, and then took Gray deep to make it 3-0. The game felt like it was over before it really got started.

Jay Bruce ALDS

To wrap this game up for the Yankees, Bauer threw 5.1 hitless innings, striking out eight and only walking one  in 6.2 innings total. Francona then handed the ball over to Andrew Miller and Cody Allen. Game over.

CC Sabathia’s Time To Shine

The Yankees were clueless against Trevor Bauer, so the idea of getting to Corey Kluber isn’t going to get many people excited for this game. However, the Yankees may have their knight in shining armor in Mr. Carsten Charles Sabathia. CC is 9-0 with a 1.71 ERA following a Yankees loss this season. They may even need a shutout from the big man.

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