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NFL Week 5 Picks

NFL Week 5 Picks and Week 4 Recap

Unfortunately, due to the busy Yankees Playoff schedule, we were unable to record our weekly SBNY Podcast NFL Week 5 Picks. But, we have our picks here in just article form. Peter Kennedy, Mike Palmisano, and Phil DeMeo will state their three best bets of the week and three games not to touch.

But first, lets do a quick recap of last week. Pete Kennedy (me) had a rough week at 0-3. Our SBNY Picks Leader, Phil DeMeo, had his first losing week at 1-2. Lastly, our guest picker Anthony Mannarino paced the crew at 2-1.

Last but not least, Uncle Mike’s Teaser of the Week hit for the third of four weeks.

SBNY NFL Week 4 Picks

We have now gone through a quarter of the season. Only six teams have an above .500 record against the spread. So it is safe to say it has been a tough betting year. It is time to keep truckin’ and start hitting these picks.

SBNY NFL Week 5 Picks

Locks of the Week

Peter Kenedy: 

@Lions -2.5 vs. Panthers

My Pick of the Week is the Lions at home -2.5 vs the Panthers. In the wake of drama surrounding Cam Newton and subsequently the Panthers, I believe the Lions have a great chance to roll at home. Here’s why, the Lions’ Defense is tied for the Leauge lead in takeaways with 11. On top of that, the Panthers (Cam Newton) have thrown 5 interceptions which ties for 3rd in the league while Panther RB’s tie for 5th with 3 fumbles. The Lions defense should give ‘distracted’ Cam Newton some trouble, slow down their run game, and create turnovers. On the other end, Matt Stafford has all the reason to play well after a sub par performance vs. Minnesota. I like Lions by a touchdown.

Phil DeMeo:

Jets +1 @Browns

This has nothing to do with how well the Jets have been playing, it is all about how bad the Browns are. This Jets defense can hold their own and should be giving Kizer fits, especially since he has no weapons. The Browns defense also isn’t good, which makes for the perfect storm for this confident Jets team. I also think Todd Bowles is a way better coach than than the overrated Hue Jackson.

No Touchie of the Week

Peter Kennedy:

@Giants -3.5 vs. Chargers

My No-Touchie of the week is the Giants at home -3.5 vs the Chargers. Do you really want to bet against two 0-4 teams that both have everything to lose and nothing to lose all at once? No thanks. Giants are favorite because they are home but I have no reason to feel more confident in one then the other hear. Giants and Chargers both “should” have at least one win, if not more, but that just shows me these teams don’t know how to close games. Pit them against eachother and who the hell knows what will go down in MetLife Stadium.

Phil DeMeo:

@Raiders -2.5 vs Ravens

Without Carr, I have no idea what to expect from this Raiders team who has been 0-2 and vanilla since beating down on the Jets. The Steelers seem like they have major internal problems and a touchdown+ spread seems way too untrustworthy. I am kind of buying Watson stock, but not enough to pick against the Chiefs. For the Chiefs, I will go with the law of averages and say that a loss is coming, and picking them on a short week going on the road, isn’t the best idea.

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