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Yankees Survive, Giants/Jets & NFL Week 5, Is New York Basketball fun? (Podcast)

The Yankees Survive

They kept it interesting but by the end of game three, after 4 strikeouts from Aroldis Chapman and a big-time home-run from Greg Bird, the Yankees survive. We break down what could have gone wrong. Where do you stand on Joe Girardi after his Game two debacle, despite Wild Card performance and Game Three win?

The Yankees have a steep ladder to climb, and they will need the help from their pitching staff. The Yankees bullpen has been put to the test, which leads to added pressure on Girardi. Is firing Girardi a real conversation or is it just loud frustrated fans yelling? (2:00 – 19:00)

The Giants, Jets and NFL Week 5 

So the Giants are 0-5, lost their top three receivers, Eli looks old, and the defense isn’t what it was last year. But is it too soon to sincerely start talking about getting a top draft pick? Their playoff hopes may be fried but is it ridiculous to already start plotting and scheming for next season?

The Jets face the Patriots for the AFC East lead in week 6. Yes that is real, this is the NFL in 2017.

Quick rundown of NFL Week 5. (19:00 – 35:00)

Can the Knicks and Nets Make New York Basketball Fun?

The New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets will not be truly “good” basketball teams. The playoffs are a long shot for both teams, even with the weak Eastern conference. But the Knicks and Nets are both, for the first time in a long time, young and athletic.

Don’t allow your expectations to get too high, but these teams can be exciting with room to grow. We make the case that New York NBA Basketball may not experience a lot of wins but will still be entertaining. And can the Nets be better then the Knicks. (35:00 – 53:00)

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SBNY Podcast Host Peter Kennedy is joined by Alec Argento late night post Yankees Game 3 Win vs Indians, to take the Yankees, Football, and some New York NBA. (2:00 – 19:00) Yankees win and rest of series outlook, where do you stand on Joe Girardi? (19:00 – 33:00) Where are the Giants, Jets and AFC East, NFL Week 5 & 6, and Dak Prescott hot take. (33:00 – 53:00) Is New York Basketball going to be fun with the Knicks and Nets

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