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NBA Outsiders: NBA Over Under’s Eastern Conference

The NBA Season is less than a week away. We are another year into the Warriors reign as the best team in the league but this year at least feels different. A number of teams in the West and a few in the East have made legitimate improvements. The 2017 Rookie Class looks stacked and primed to make real impacts. Also, the 2018 NBA Draft will the last with the draft lottery we are familiar with; this can lead to a lot of trades b& last minute tanking. But we also learned during this NBA Offseason is that many teams are still trying to win, despite the Warriors being on a different level. All these factors play into our NBA Over Unders, which doubles as a league preview.

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NBA Over Unders – Eastern Conference

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The NBA Outsiders make their Over/Under picks for the NBA Eastern Conference. Pete Kennedy, John-Lucas Duffy, Frank Villani, and Justin Babb host to talk you through the widely considered “weak” East. But, there are more interesting story lines than people may realize. Each host makes their pick for each team and includes two locks; the picks we are guaranteeing.

After going through all 15 NBA Over Unders from the Eastern Conference, our 4 Outsiders only all agreed on 5 teams. The East may be the “weaker” conference but with the likes of Giannis Antentokounpo, John Wall, LeBron, Kyrie, the sneaky Nets and the circus Knicks, there is plenty to dive into. We discuss it all.

Stay tuned for the NBA Over Unders for the Western Conference coming tomorrow.

Below are our 4 NBA Outsiders picks for the Vegas NBA Over Unders – Eastern Conference. You can see our picks and two locks here, but if you want the reasoning, you’re going to have to listen.

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