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Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese On The Hot Seat

No One Saw This Coming

The Giants did not expect this. The Giants fans did not sign up for this. Even their rivals did not foresee this. A Ben McAdoo Hot Seat wasn’t supposed to exist. Jerry Reese was praised less than a year ago for pushing the right buttons. Now all this.

After entering this season with the highest expectations in franchise history, the Giants have gone from Super Bowl contenders to losers by being winless so far this year. They are actually contending for the No. 1 draft pick.

The Giants are at a loss to what’s going on. They have no idea how to get out of this rut. For them to be winless after Columbus Day is surprising and disappointing. It could get worse before it gets better. That’s the way it goes when a team is searching for their first win.

The Ben McAdoo Hot Seat Era

It’s bad enough beleaguered Giants head coach Ben McAdoo is trying to coach his team to his first win, but now he has to win the trust of his players again. This comes after Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie decided to bolt the Giants facility on Wednesday morning after McAdoo told the respected Giants veteran that he would be inactive on Sunday for walking out of Friday’s recovery session. As a result of the Giants cornerback walking out on the team, he is suspended until further notice.

If Rodgers-Cromartie is unhappy with McAdoo, who else is not happy with the Giants head coach? This should not be taken lightly, especially after Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins left the field during Sunday’s 27-22 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers and Giants second-year cornerback Eli Apple talking about the culture needs to change.

McAdoo leaves so much to be desired as a head coach. He can’t lead, and he can’t coach. Stop citing him winning 11 games in his first season. It’s a lazy argument to begin with, and the Giants won in spite of him. If we are going to talk about his success last year, we should also mention he did not have his team ready to play in a wild-card playoff game against the Green Bay Packers in January. Also, the Giants won because of their defense, not because of his offense, which was terrible all year long.

The Lack of Respect Between McAdoo and Players Becomes Apparent

Ex-Giant and Super Bowl Champ Brandon Jacobs takes his shot via subtweet.

The Giants’ poor start is a reflection on McAdoo. The team is often undisciplined by the amount of penalties they take per game such as holding, being offsides, Evan Engram grabbing his crotch and Odell Beckham Jr. mimicking a dog urinating. They are poorly coached. There is no leadership coming out of the head coach. He obviously can’t control Beckham, and he is not willing to try, which is what set Rodgers-Cromartie off because he is willing to give his wide receiver special treatment while hold him accountable for his behavior.

McAdoo’s coaching raised questions in the Giants’ 19-3 loss to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 1. With Odell Beckham Jr. unable to play in the Giants’ season opener, the Giants head coach could not figure out how to utilize the rest of his players on offense. He could not come up a trick play. He was portrayed as a coach that did not know what to do when his best player was out.

It hasn’t gotten better since. The Giants have gotten worse each week. They don’t play defense. Their offense has been so inconsistent. They haven’t finished. This is a team that often plays out of control with false starts and penalties that should never happen.

What Are The Answers?

McAdoo clearly has no answers. One can tell by not giving answers when asked why his team stinks and why his offense is bad. He doesn’t want to be bothered answering questions even though fans want answers to why the Giants are 0-5. Either he is stupid or he is a grump. Neither reflects well on him whether he likes it or not.

He should have known being scrutinized comes with part of coaching in New York before he agreed to take the Giants coaching job. If he did not want to deal with it, he should have not coached the Giants. With the way he has behaved as a Giants head coach, he is more qualified to coach a Division III college football team where no one would care or notice.

We are going to find out what McAdoo is all about. That’s the way it goes when a team disappoints. A mark of a good coach is his players not quitting on him (See Jets right now) and not let off-the-field issues escalate further than it already it is. In other words, he should be coaching for his job.

If the Giants win three or four games this year, the Giants ownership has no choice but to fire McAdoo. They can’t afford to be patient. They can’t let him grow into the job when he lost his players for good. Sure they are invested in him, but it does not look like this is working. If a head coach lost control of his players, he is not getting it back.

This is not what the Giants envisioned when they hired him, but here it is.

Jan 15, 2016; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; General manager Jerry Reese and new head coach Ben McAdoo shake hands during a New York Giants press conference at Quest Diagnostics Training Center Auditorium. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Reese Can’t Get Off Easy

While we are at it, Jerry Reese needs to be held accountable for his work as a Giants general manager. His drafts continue to stink outside of Beckham and Landon Collins. Reese has not addressed the offensive line for years. He has drafted guys that have character issues such as Eli Apple, Erick Flowers and Beckham. He has brought too many guys who are selfish rather than get team players. For all the good players he get, they are losers.

Since the start of the 2012 season on Reese’s watch, the Giants have a 39-45 record and only one short playoff appearance to show for it. That gets a NFL general manager fired.

Resse has been here for a long time. There comes a time a change has to be made for the sake of making a change. It’s past time. The records say so.

A housecleaning is in order for the Giants to get back to be an elite franchise. With the Giants on pace to win four games, this is a great opportunity for John Mara and Steve Tisch to send a message to the players and Giants fans that this season will not be tolerated anymore.

If the Giants owners want to keep it more of the same, it’s fair to wonder if they are the problem, too.



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