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Who’s Actually Good in the NFL? & Yankees Playoffs (SBNY Podcast)

The host of the SBNY Podcast, Peter Kennedy, is joined by Alec Argento to talk NFL Week 6 and Yankees Playoff Hopes.

Who’s Actually Good in the NFL

When thinking about the best of the best in the NFL, it becomes a little hazy of who stands above the rest. Who is even the best? If you go around and ask a number of people who is the best team in the league, you may hear the Chiefs, Steelers, Patriots, Panthers, Eagles, Seahawks, and (not) the Packers (sorry Aaron Rodgers).

We try to decipher between teams that are actually good, kinda good, or pretending to be good. We attempt to predict six more weeks into the future to see where some of these “good” or competitive teams will stand. Also, we talk about the Jets and the Giants. Can the Jets compete all year long? Will the Giants play spoiler to a bunch of teams moving forward?

Yankees Playoff Hopes

The Yankees are currently down 0-2 to the Houston Astros. Jose Altuve has been making plays left and right while the ball seems to be bouncing in the Astros direction. In two games, the Astros have just outscored the Yankees 4-2, with both games ending 2-1. The Yankees now have favorable pitching match-ups coming up with the likes of Charlie Morton and Lance McCullers Jr. possibly getting nods. Thus, the Yankees look to jump on the Astros back hom in the Bronx to extend this series and possibly continue their unlikely run.

We project forward through the rest of the series and what to expect. We look back on the already successful season. Also, we ask a question between superstars. If Carlos Correa or Jose Altuve were New York Yankees would their hype be as big as Aaron Judge?

SBNY Podcast

Host Peter Kennedy is joined by Alec Argento on this episode of the SBNY Podcast. They talk about the NFL Week 6, the Yankees Postseason hopes, and the Giants and Jets. We try to decide which teams are good vs. kinda good vs. pretending to be good. What is the separation between the NFL’s best team and 10th best team? What to expect from the Yankees moving forward.

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