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SBNY Podcast: The State of New York Sports

The State of New York Sports

Now, with the Yankees out of the MLB Playoffs, New York Sports are in a very weird place. The Mets have a new manager we don’t know much about. The Giants have just one win entering their buy week in week 8. The Jets have won some games, but is that even what you want to see? The Nets are better than the Knicks but realistically they both stink.

On today’s episode, Hosts Peter Kennedy and Phil DeMeo walk through all of the major New York Sports teams and story lines. Starting off with baseball, we then talk New York football & basketball. Phil also posed a hypothetical that is still sending our twitter followers for a spin.

It truly stumped Peter Kennedy (me) for a moment but he came to a sure answer after some breakdown.

New York Baseball

The Mets hired Mickey Callaway. We give our thoughts on the hire, how it was handled, and how fans are reacting. We find its easy to get behind a new coach because, well, you don’t know any better. How does Mickey Callaway fare in New York.

The New York Yankees ended a fun and strong season after a game 7 loss to Houston Astros. The new question is, will Joe Girardi be the manager of the New York Yankees in 2018? Where do you land on the “was this season a success” debate?

New York Football

The Giants are 1-6. Ouch. The Giants have serious decisions to make depending on where they end up in the NFL Draft. Is a new QB apart of their plan, or is it still get Eli Manning what he needs for one more run?

The Jets have played well at times this year (while still occasionally shooting themselves in the foot). But has Todd Bowles already saved his job? Also, from this point forward, the Jets will either win a few more games or lose and positively affect their chances at a better draft pick. Luckily, the Jets schedule is harder moving forward and the pick you want, may be more realistic.

New York Basketball

The Knicks are not very good. But, there are things to talk about with this team. First off, what is going on with this Eric Bledsoe trade rumor? Would you consider giving up Willy or Frank? Lastly, the Knicks might very well be the worst of the New York basketball teams.

The Brooklyn Nets continue to be fun to watch despite mixed results. D’Angelo Russell is transitioning well to Brooklyn with his new role and high usage. The young & fun Nets don’t have a very high ceiling but they will shock some people.

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