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The Jets Are A Byproduct Of A Boring NFL

What Are The Jets Doing?

The Jets exceeded anyone’s expectations by improving to 4-5 after a 34-21 victory over the Buffalo Bills Thursday night at MetLife Stadium. This comes after pundits and Jets fans thought the football team would be winless this year.

Don’t expect joy in Mudville, though. The Jets expect more out of themselves. See, their goal was not to be 0-16 by mailing it in and get a high draft pick of drafting a quarterback. They actually felt they could be a playoff team, which is what is expected out of paid professionals that play or coach in the NFL.

It’s fair to wonder if overachieving is a good thing in a league that has plenty of awful teams. If the Jets made the playoffs and trending upward, it’s one thing to be excited. But if they are only good enough to win five or six games, what’s the point? From watching them Thursday night, they did not seem like a team that will make anyone fear them for the next few years. They are what their record is. It does not mean it’s a great thing even if they are overachieving.

This was more of the Bills playing badly than the Jets playing well. The Bills invited the home team to win by doing nothing offensively until garbage time, and they turned the ball over three times, on drive-killing fumbles by wide receiver Jordan Matthews, tight end Nick O’Leary and quarterback Tyrod Taylor. They had 11 penalties, and they did not tackle much in this game. This was a team that clearly did not practice much on a short work week, which inspired bad boy Richie Incognito to lash out on the NFL for having football played Thursday night when the game was over.

As for the Jets, they ran the ball and took advantage of the Bills’ mistakes. It was a basic game plan of beating a team that is not as good as their record indicated prior to the game.

Watching this game can make a couch potato viewer feel awful for the fans that paid to watch this garbage. It was a ripoff. This is the NFL in 2017. So many bad to mediocre teams that can’t execute the fundamentals of the game.

Sure we can talk about the effects of Thursday Night Football, but this is the same problem we see on Sundays and Monday nights.

The Jets Reflect The Boring State Of The NFL

It’s the product that has cause NFL ratings to be down in the sport, stupid, not anthem protests. Who wants to watch bad football after bad football every week? Most of the Jets games have been boring. So have the other football games. Outside of the Houston Texans game against the Seattle Seahawks this past Sunday, what other game generated excitement this season?

The Jets are a reflection of what the NFL has been this season. Boring, dull, ugly or whatever negative superlative anyone can come up with from a thesaurus to describe the NFL this season.

If there is anything to be encouraged about the Jets so far this season, it’s their defense. They are physical, and they know how to force teams to make mistakes. They have good young players to build around in that unit in rookie safety Jamal Adams, Marcus Maye, Darron Lee and Jordan Jenkins.  It’s how they have won games this year. Their defense was the only reason to watch Gang Green this year.

In a twist against the Bills, it was the Jets defensive line that won the game after being unproductive all season long. They forced seven sacks, and they hit the quarterback 11 times. They also limited Bills running back LeSean McCoy to 25 yards.

The problem with the Jets is their offense, and that’s why they are boring to watch. They have no playmakers to build around. Their offensive line has been competent. The big problem they have is they don’t have a game-changing quarterback.

Josh McCown has done fine as the Jets quarterback, but he is what he is. A game-manager that won’t make mistakes. That’s all well and good, but for a team to play in January and February, the Jets need to find their own Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger or Carson Wentz.

That’s why the Jets front office tried to tank this year by releasing all their veterans, so they can be as bad as they can be for them to draft a quarterback next year.

The Quarterback Search Will Continue

Sure it is a moot point since Sam Darnold likely will stay at USC rather than play for the inept Browns next year, but UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen was the one guy the Jets can have. He may be a headcase, and he has not had a good season, but he has the potential to be a good one. That is now likely out of the Jets’ reach.

Maybe the Jets can trade up to get Rosen or maybe they find a diamond in the rough such as Wentz, but it’s unlikely. The Jets might as well now spend for free agent Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins, but is he really going to be that much of a difference? How is he any different than McCown?

It looks like the Jets are stuck getting another stopgap quarterback. That doesn’t get Jets fans to buy 2018 season tickets. This is likely another boring season ahead next year.

It makes one wonder if overachieving was worth it. For the players and coaches, it’s their livelihood, so yes, but for a franchise, that is not really a good thing for a team that aspires to win a Super Bowl one day. It would have been worth it only if the Jets beat the Patriots, Dolphins and Falcons or at least two of  their three opponents in recent weeks, but they did not get it done since they were not good enough in the fourth quarter in those three games they played.

Some fans may think its “fun” to watch their team compete but with all circumstances considers I ask, again, what’s the point?

That’s why this season does not do much, even if they are overachieving in a league that is turning fans away because of a product that is not causing much sizzle.


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