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Why is Ben McAdoo Still Giants Head Coach?

It’s easy to wonder if the Giants, under Ben McAdoo, are going to win any more games this year after what happened Sunday.

In the second quarter of the Los Angeles Rams’ 51-17 rout of the Giants at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, Rams receiver Robert Woods took a short screen pass on third-and-33, and he sprinted up the middle untouched for a 52-yard touchdown. Not to make you re-live your misery, but this is miserable.

From there, the Rams scored four more touchdowns and kicked a couple of more field goals. To say it was a beatdown is an understatement. To say the Giants did not quit as Giants head coach Ben McAdoo stated after the game is an insult to our intelligence. To say the Giants pulled a Jesse James on their fans Sunday is an appropriate way to describe this beatdown.

This summed up what the Giants season has been all about this year. A team that does not play with emotion. A team that does not play with a purpose. A team that doesn’t seem to mind losing. A team that is committed to getting Ben McAdoo fired. Why else would they let an opposing team score 51 points at their stadium along with losing by 34? That’s hard to do in today’s NFL.

Why is Ben McAdoo Still the Giants Head Coach?

Here’s the question that should be asked: Why is McAdoo still employed as head coach? Why keep him on the job when the players have no interest in playing for him anymore? It’s not fair to the fans that are paying their hard-earned money. They shouldn’t be subjected to this for the rest of the Giants home games this season.

Yes, an interim head coach would not make much of a difference when it comes to making the Giants better than their opponent, but at least, he would get his players to show up and play instead of getting blown out week after week. This is what McAdoo has to deal with the rest of the season if he is still the Giants coach.

Once a coach has lost his players, it’s hard to get it back. It’s clear McAdoo lost his players going back to when he suspended Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie this season. Janoris Jenkins being suspended last week does not help the Giants coach’s cause since he decided not to show up to practice the day after the bye week was over. When players get suspended, it’s a reflection on the coach whether it’s fair or not.

As bad as Ray Handley was as Giants coach, the players did not quit on him despite not respecting him as a coach. They played for themselves. If they can’t play for themselves under McAdoo, it’s counterproductive to keep the Giants head coach on anymore.

Do the Giants Have Any Wins Left in the Tank?

It’s easy to wonder if the Giants, under Ben McAdoo, are going to win any more games this year after what happened Sunday. The defense has been awful lately, and the offense has done nothing all year. They are heading to Santa Clara to play the winless San Francisco 49ers, who have to feel they can finally win their first game of the 2017 season this coming Sunday.

After the 49ers, the Giants will play the Chiefs, Redskins, Raiders, Cowboys, Eagles, Cardinals and Redskins to finish the season.  Those games are not gimmies for them, and it’s hard to believe the players will be bothered to care to play through it. If they win one more game this year, it will be Sunday and that’s likely it. There’s no guarantee they can win this Sunday.

Make no mistake. McAdoo is a dead man walking as a head coach. He is likely going to be fired after this season. The Giants can’t sell him to their frustrated fanbase after the way this season has gone. It wasn’t like the Giants fans were happy with him in the first place after complaining about his offense last year, which was predictable as in only having Giants quarterback Eli Manning throwing the football to Odell Beckham Jr.

McAdoo can try to sell Giants co-owners John Mara and Bob Tisch for the next eight games that he is the solution, but it may be too little too late. Sunday did not do him any favors. He had two weeks to have his team prepared for the Rams, and it turned out to be bad.

Over-matched or Unprepared? … Both

The Giants head coach is clearly over-matched. He has a body language of a head coach that does not know what he is doing. He appears that he rather be anywhere else than be around his Giants players. He hates talking to the New York media. He can’t lead. This is Handley all over again, and that’s never a great thing. This is not going to sell the Maras to bring him back.

He is better suited coaching a Division III school, which no one pays attention to (or realistically back as a coordinator).

The Giants get worse each week, and they have been unprepared since Opening Night when Beckham was out with an ankle injury against the Cowboys. Adjustments are never made during the game. This team looks so disorganized, and they take stupid penalties after penalties. It’s nothing but chaos. It’s like this is not a professional football team. This is where the head coach has to take responsibility.

The Giants should end this charade with Ben McAdoo now. For his own good. For the players’ own good. For the fans’ own good. There’s no reason to wait when it’s likely going to happen after this year.

Ben McAdoo has no business coaching after he was at a loss for words when asked by a media member about what he said to his team at halftime after the game Sunday.

That presser and that game on Sunday will be the epitaph of what has been a failed Giants coaching career for McAdoo.

Vegas also knows the end is near…

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