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Ben McAdoo’s Expiration Date, Giants Are No Saints, & Knicks Are Fun (SBNY Podcast)

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Ben McAdoo’s Expiration Date (5:00 – 29:00)

Host Peter Kennedy goes solo for the first half-hour to talk about Ben McAdoo and the looming split with the Giants. Ben McAdoo and the Giants lost to the 49ers and may not win a game for the rest of the season. As SBNY Columnist, Leslie Montiero, foreshadowed last week, why is Ben McAdoo still the Head coach of the Giants? Is it worth cutting ties now, or should the Giants let this miserable season play out for a fresh start in 2018?

Peter also drew a parallel to the first place New Orleans Saints. The Giants and Saints, in the past decade, have been lucky enough to wield a star-studded Head Coach/Quarterback combo. Tom Coughlin & Eli Manning and Sean Payton & Drew Brees have been staples, not only in their respective organizations, but in the NFL.

The Giants, cut ties with Coughlin, looking for a new voice. Sean Payton, who was rumored to become the Giants next head coach, was given extended faith from the Saints. Despite McAdoo’s successful first year, it hurts to look back at the culture we grew “tired of” under Coughlin. Now with Coughlin and the Jaguars success, does it sting a little more for Giants fans?

The Giants wanted the “new voice” but now the Maras are ready to smash the reset button. While the Saints are on the verge of a playoff run under the tandem of Payton and Brees, and their new-founded defense. Hindsight is always 20/20 but there are a few signs throughout the league that maybe the Giants rushed finding the “new voice” to lead the Giants organization.

The Knicks Are Fun (29:00 – 70:00)

Peter Kennedy is joined by fellow @NBA_Outsiders, Frank Villani to break down the fun start to the Knicks season. We talk about not just the Unicorn himself, Kristaps Porzingis, but the role players who make his life easier and help make winning possible. Kyle O’Quinn, Courtney Lee, and Jarrett Jack have been playing key roles for the Knicks; they’ve accomplished the little things like defense, rebounding, ball movement, and leadership.

Also, LeBron James, threw a back-handed shot at Knicks rookie, Frank Ntilikina. James did this by praising Dennis Smith Jr. and mentioning how the Knicks should have drafted hi. Our host, Frank Villani, doesn’t want to hear it.

“LeBron, how about you make it to .500 before you talk about other teams” – Frank Villani

Early reactions to Frank Ntilikina’s skills, demeanor, and biggest flaws. We compare him, as we will for his entire career to Dennis Smith Jr. and Malik Monk.

At what point can we realistically say Porzingis is a real MVP candidate? What is the criteria for him to be considered a legit candidate?

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