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NBA Outsiders: Thanksgiving Special w/ Sides

NBA Outsiders: A Sports Blog New York Podcast

Hosts Peter Kennedy, John-Lucas Duffy, Justin Babb, and Frank Villani give thanks, in holiday spirit, to the NBA. Segments include: (0:00 – 29:00)Joel Embiid Flop Job, Too soon for MVP talks, & East vs West.

Thanksgiving Special: (29:00 – 1:20:00) What are you thankful for in the NBA, Black Friday Deals: NBA Contract Edition, & Best NBA Side Dishes aka Favorite Role Players. On this Happy Thanksgiving, we want to give YOU a special Thanks! For tuning in every week and appreciating some good basketball talk.

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NBA Chatter

First, we talk about Joel Embiid’s effective flop on Utah Jazz rookie, Donovan Mitchell. I would explain it, but you should either watch it below, or listen to this episode. To kick it off, we listen to the Sixers call and react to the big man’s ferocious block and legendary flop.

Is it too soon for MVP conversations? Maybe or maybe not, but a quality conversation about who has been the best player so far is always fun. The Outsiders each select who has been the best player so far this season.

The West was supposed to be dominant over the East. So far, the East has been outplaying the West. Is the East’s quality start sustainable or are they destined to be put back in their place by the West.

NBA Outsiders: Thanksgiving Special

At minute 29:00, we commence our NBA Thanksgiving Special. Pete, Babb, Frank, and Duff all profess what they are thankful for in the NBA. We shout out the best Black Friday Deals in the NBA, based off the biggest bargain contracts in the league. Lastly, we shout out our favorite NBA Sides. A team’s All-Star gets all the love, just like the Turkey. But, deep down, we learn to love those side pieces like Sweet Potato Pie or Joe Ingles.

Also one, apparently stranger than we thought, NBA Outsider informed us all of his first and only Black Friday Purchase.

“The only thing I ever bought on Black Friday is a 3′ ft Machete. It was $45 and I got it for $20, how could I not?”

In the Holiday spirit, and like a real family, the Outsiders start to bicker towards the end of the episode. Embodying the real spirit of Thanksgiving, petty arguments and pointless debate! But at the end of the day, we are so genuinely thankful of you, the listener. We appreciate each and every listen, we love to make the show, and with your help & support, we hope to continue to make it grow!

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