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CEO & Founder Of FantasyAdvantage.com, Or Lifshitz (SBNY Podcast)

SBNY Podcast – Founder Of FantasyAdvantage.com

FantasyAdvantage.com is a free daily fantasy sports tool designed to provide an advantage to people for either casual fans or fans who don’t have the time to do the research on their own.


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(0:00 – 11:30) Before we get to the interview, Host Peter Kennedy broke down a Week 13 for the Giants & Jets. He also tongue-in-cheek predicted Ben McAdoo might be fired by the time you listen to this podcast. That turned out true. The Jets competed again and the Chiefs have fallen far from grace. Lastly, before the interview, Pete give his top-line thoughts on Aaron Boone, the new, New York Yankees Manager.

(11:45 – 61:00) On this episode, Host Peter Kennedy spoke with the CEO & Founder of Fantasy Advantage, Or Lifsitz. We spoke about Or’s diverse background and experience all over the world. Or is originally from Tel Aviv, Israel but spend time in school (Masters at NYU) and working in New York and in the US. He describes the differences of working in the US vs. Israel, what his sports background was like, and even leaves his take on Eli Manning.

Then we move to the DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) optimization platform. The goal of Or Lifshitz and Fantasy Advantage are to provide the worlds’ daily fantasy sports players the tools to make the best decisions. They use machine learning technology, advanced algorithms, and a number for outside factors to create their projections and picks.

Fantasy Advantage incorporates projections, analysis, past performance, weather, social chatter, & more into its rankings. These rankings subsequently affect the main tools of the DFS platform.

“Bring your sports instincts, and use our technology you to make better choices and be more prepared for your games”

The Platform

The platform is meant to be simple to use, easy to understand, and clean to look at. Or Lifshitz stressed the importance of making the platform streamlined. Fantasy Advantage is the first DFS Optimizer to incorporate DFS leaders like Fanduel. After selecting your team, you can enter it directly into your Fanduel account to join competitions.

Lineup Wizard

Gives suggestions, with different traits to help you craft the team you need and helping you think outside the box.

Lineup Optimizer

Gives you multiple options, all with a diverse set of standards, to craft your team. The three options are “Play It Safe“, “Fad Picks“, or “High Risk“.

Player Rankings

The straight forward ranking give you a look behind who are the best picks at each position on a given day or night.

They are sort-able by different options and are great for quick research and to understand what goes into the Lineup Wizard and Optimizer.

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