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Aaron Boone As Yankees Manager Makes No Sense (Column)

Cashman’s Risky Move Hiring Aaron Boone As Yankees Manager

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman led the annual Heights & Lights event by rappelling down One Landmark Square in downtown Stamford on Sunday. It’s a challenge he relishes every holiday season.

(No seriously, Brian Cashman actually rappels down the side of a building every Holiday Season)

Rappelling may seem easy for him compared to hiring the 33rd skipper of the Yankees. Yes, in the grand scheme of things, both are risky, but Cashman has outdone himself by hiring a manager who never managed a day in his life in Aaron Boone.

A Good Opening Press Conference Proves Nothing

Boone was introduced as the new Yankees manager Wednesday afternoon. He handled himself well by answering every questions and using buzzwords such as creating family atmosphere and making players better people and working collaboratively with the front office. He talked about embracing expectations of winning a championship.

All of this sounds good, but introductory press conference does nothing. Anyone can vow anyone in the introductory press conference. Ben McAdoo said all the right things when he was introduced as Giants head coach, but that turned out for naught as he was fired for his poor relationship with his players and his 13-15 overall record as Giants coach.

Yes, Boone was hired to be the spokesperson for the Yankees. He will handle the media well being that he has great interpersonal skills, not to mention he worked as a member of the media. He will make the Yankees likeable for sure.

But at the end of the day, Boone will be judged on how many championships he can win for the Yankees. Winning one won’t be enough (i.e. Girardi), and if the Yankees don’t win it all in 2018, this season will be a failure considering expectations are now high after the Yankees overachieved this past season.

Hiring an inexperienced manager for a proud franchise does not inspire confidence. It’s hard to take Boone seriously when he doesn’t have any managerial chops to show for it. This isn’t taking over a rebuilding team. He has no time to learn on the job. He either gets it or he doesn’t. That’s life of being the manager of the New York Yankees.

What Could Have Been…

This is why hiring Boone is a curious choice. The Yankees were better off hiring a manager who has experience and who can handle the good, bad and ugly of managing in the majors. The right guy should have been Eric Wedge, who has had success as the manager of the Indians. Remember he was five minutes away from going to the World Series in 2007.

Eric Wedge (right)

Yes, Wedge is as rigid as Girardi, and he probably doesn’t have the personality to handle the media. So what. What Yankees would get from Wedge is a grinder who can handle the role of being a manager of the Yankees. He could have been a guy that knows how to lead since he has had experience as a manager. He has that intangibles that would have make him a good manager. He seemed like a good fit for New York.

It’s important to hire a manager that has experience when it comes to managing the Yankees. An experienced manager would know how to handle crisis and rough times. We really don’t know if Boone can do that, and that’s why it was a risk to hire him.

Maybe he turns out to be successful. It’s clear the Yankees wanted to find their next A.J. Hinch or Dave Roberts in Boone, but those two guys had experience coaching before. No one can say that about Boone. Learning on the fly in New York is no way to make a manager better.

Boone may have a good personality, but so did Joe Torre, Joe Girardi and Willie Randolph, and all three of them struggled to deal with the local media to the point they were overwhelmed in the end. You can bet the new Yankees manager is going to deal with Mike Wallace-like questions, and it’s not going to be as pleasant as it was in Wednesday’s introductory press conference.

Give me a manager that can provide results. Give me a manager that has experience being a manager before. Give me a guy who knows how to handle the grind of managing.

That guy should have been Wedge, not Boone.

It’s clear Cashman hired Boone just so he can be the true manager and Boone would take orders.

You can put your faith in Cashman, but, say hi to Binder Boone.

Either this works out great or this explodes on Cashman.

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