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The Mets Must Make A Splash

The Mets Must Make Moves

The Mets have to spend and make trades this offseason for them to be a playoff team in 2018. Their front office knew that going in to the winter meetings. Whether they are interested in doing so is another question.

They had to be proactive even before the Yankees made a bold move to acquire Giancarlo Stanton over the weekend. Now, they must. They are not only behind the Yankees, but they are behind the Chicago Cubs, Washington Nationals, Colorado Rockies, Arizona Diamondbacks, St. Louis Cardinals and other National League contenders when it comes to being a playoff team.

The Mets are not a playoff team with the way they are right now. They need to have couple of boppers in the lineup to protect Yoenis Cespedes, especially if Michael Conforto is going to be out to start the season. Getting several relievers has to be a priority (They got one, Anthony Swarzak). A durable starter is a must since they can’t rely on any of their current starters to be healthy all season. In other words, there can’t be more of the same from last season.

The New York Mets Are Not A Small-Market Team!

The Mets can not run themselves like a small-market team by doing nothing. They need to show their fans that they are serious about winning in 2018. Already, Mets fans have no faith anything will get done since Mets general manager Sandy Alderson is not the type to be proactive in getting his needs. He has never been a believer of free agency, and he likes to get his guys at a bargain-basement price.

By the looks of it, Alderson told the Mets fanbase not to expect much this offseason. He also told them to stop whining about the payroll. So encouraging, isn’t it?

If the Mets really do nothing this offseason, not only there is no reason to believe in them in 2018, but there’s no reason to spend your hard-earned money by going to the games and buying concessions. In fact, there would be no reason to watch them on television.

The Mets need to stop whining about they have no money. They have charged exorbitant amount of money to go to Citi Field, and fans still go. The Mets have made enough money where they shouldn’t be run like a small-market team by doing nothing in the offseason for the third straight year. They need to behave like a major franchise.

The Mets can be a playoff team with the right moves. Their starting rotation is good enough to lead them to the playoffs if they are healthy. It comes down to hitting and the bullpen. Both can be solvable if the front office is smart enough to get it done.

Meet The Mets’ Needs

Third Base

The Mets definitely need a third baseman in the worst way. They know they can’t rely on David Wright to ever come back and be healthy after missing all of last season by undergoing back surgery, his third surgery in less than two years. The ideal move would be to sign Mike Moustakas, but he is going to be expensive with Scott Boras as his agent. The Mets want nothing to do with Boras clients since that means they would actually have to spend. Even if they can’t get Moustakas, they should try to get someone who can play the hot corner. Sorry, but no one wants to watch Asdrubal Cabrera play third ever again.

Second Base

With Starlin Castro being available, the Mets have to do what it takes to get him, right? They could use an upgrade at second base. Sorry, but Ian Kinsler will not do since he does not have the range to play second base anymore, not to mention he is 35 years old. If the Yankees can get Stanton for bag of balls, certainly the Mets can get Castro for anything if Alderson puts his mind to it.


Starting Pitching

They need a starter to complement Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom since Matt Harvey may not be the same pitcher he was anymore, Zack Wheeler can’t be trusted to stay healthy and Seth Lugo and Robert Gsellman does not inspire confidence after both regressed this past season. How about getting Alex Cobb or trade for a starter that will give a team innings?

Relief Pitching

The Mets need to sign relievers. (Again, they got one, Anthony Swarzak) Their best reliever is Jerry Blevins, and it’s hard to trust Jeurys Familia as a closer. They could use some reinforcements such as signing Wade Davis, but a pitcher of his ilk will cost money. Alderson would rather wait until the price goes down. Good luck to that since some team will pay the price to get what they need such as the Rockies signing Bryan Shaw (a Met target) to a three-year lucrative deal on Tuesday.

The Mets have to understand something. If they are not going the extra mile to pay what they want or do anything to make a trade, they are not going to be a factor in the National League. They can’t return next year with the same team. If they don’t think it’s worthwhile to spend or make moves, then they feel they are not good enough to compete in 2018. Either way, this will not encourage Mets fans to get excited about their team.

It’s likely the Mets will let several of their starters go after next season. Remember Matt Harvey is in his free agency year, and it remains to be seen if they are going to sign Jacob deGrom to an extension since he won’t be cheap. So the Mets might as well spend and go for it one last time with this starting rotation. It can’t hurt, right?

The Players & Fans’ Deserve More

The Mets owe it to their fanbase to win, and most importantly, they owe it to the players in the clubhouse along with the coaching staff. With the Yankees making moves to go win a championship this coming season, the Mets can’t be irrelevant again in the New York market.

The Mets have built such a goodwill the last few years by going to the World Series and playing in the wild-card game. They received a pass this past season because of injuries. Still, that goes only so far. They need to start winning. They can’t go back to two years, and think they accomplish something. It does not work that way in this town.

They need to make a move for the sake of credibility with the public. Already, Mets fans are angry at ownership and management for admitting they won’t do much. The sad thing is they have been conditioned to that type of thinking.

The Mets fans should ask why ever emotionally invent in what remains of this Mets product.

For Fred Wilpon and his family, they have to ask themselves why even own the team if they have no interest in winning.

For Alderson, why is he wasting his time as the Mets general manager when he could retire instead of stealing money from the Wilpons?

Is this what the Wilpons and Alderson want?

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