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About Us

Founded in 2012, Sports Blog New York aims to produce intelligent insights and opinions of New York based, professional, and collegiate sports, pop culture and everything in between. The main purpose of this site is not to just give you a box score analysis, but instead to start a well-informed, fun and creative conversation with our readers.

The sports media landscaped has changed vastly in just a few years due to the breakthrough of technology and emergence of social media which has given fans access to sports news and information on a 24/7 cycle. The environment has evolved into one that is particularly fan friendly. No longer do fans have to sit at home just to watch “experts” analyze what they see. These breakthroughs in the sports media field have led to scenarios where there is so much valuable information out there and even the most casual of fans can be well-versed in whatever particular sport captures their attention. The term “expert” as it applies to current sports media industry has almost been rendered fully obsolete.

This is where we at Sports Blog New York come in. The purpose of the content exclusive to our site is to encourage a healthy debate and discussion with passionate fans who are seeking an outlet that will give you, the fan, what you crave: sports and entertainment for the smart fan who enjoys kicking back, watching the game and drinking a beer. We share the same articles on Facebook, we Instagram the same view from the seats we sit in at the games we attend, we tweet the same incredibly epic GIF or Vine that some random person posted just seconds after the play occurred. We get it, you all get it.

Ultimately, our primary goal is to capture that raw and passionate excitement of our audience and incorporate that into everything we do, regardless of where our sports allegiances may lie.

Sports connect us, and Sports Blog New York wants to connect with you.